Warzone 2022 Beginner’s Guide: cod warzone 2 Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is perhaps the most played multiplayer game all over the world; a perfect blend of fast-paced FPS gun power and the thrilling intrigue of battle royale. Winning a battle royale of this stature needs real girth and strength. The cheats and hacks designed by Lavicheats make you invincible against the best professional players. More players are logging in to play this title, but everyone does not have the same caliber. This game is one of the best free-to-play ones that offer unbeatable virtual adventures to players.

An edge 

The availability of weapons and loot makes the title more enchanting. More items are revealed as you progress. There are several outlets where you can use the default currency, “cash,” to buy those gadgets. As the game is free to all, you will encounter many veteran players with exceptional skills. To taste victory, you need some support and logistic. One such cheat is the warzone aimbot hack by Lavicheats here that drastically improve your firing and aim facility. The inbuilt velocity predictor helps you to shoot a moving target with ease. You can shoot the enemies silently without disclosing your position. Features like recoil elimination, auto-switching, and headshot make the regular weapon the most sophisticated arsenal you have ever handled.

Here are some other useful tips that give you an undeniable advantage over other players.

Read the map

Like other battle royale games, you are dropped on an isolated island where you need to find weapons and gadgets required to survive in the harsh environment. To win the game, you need to annihilate the last man or squad. In the arena, there could be one hundred fifty men fighting against each other. At the beginning of the game, you and your team would be airdropped from a cargo plane, and you need to land at the desired location. The designated named places in Al Mazrah are the best place to start off, where you are likely to find custom Loadouts and other loot necessary to stay alive. Select a secluded place rather than a hotspot where anarchy is prevailing. Even in those isolated places, you will find weapons and shelter.

Safe zone

Another crucial factor for map navigation is safe zone areas which occasionally diminish due to threatening toxic clouds. When the place is safe, it is denoted by a white circle; otherwise, treat it as extremely hazardous. A newly added feature splits the safe zone into multiple areas where you can enter for loot during the play. When the divided areas start merging into one area, you must make the right move when it occurs. 

Customize your weapon

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In warzone 2, you can customize the Loadouts drops and purchased weapons. The assortment of attachments and weapons could be overwhelming. The M4 assault rifle is effective for long-range shooting; attachments like a 45-round mag magazine, VLK4.0 optic, and Hightower 20-inch barrel make it more lethal. The TAQ-56 is another impressive assault rifle but with more recoil than M4, particularly in long-range shooting. The RPK is a light machine gun. The attachments available mitigate the recoil and increase bullet velocity.

Crisp movement 

Movement is crucial for your survival and outmaneuvering opponents. There are four basic ground movements; jumping, sprinting, sliding, and prone. You can activate sprinting by pressing the shift key useful to cover long distances or move away when you are the target of the enemy. You stimulate tactical sprint by double pressing the designated key. This enables you to sprint faster, but the speed slows down after a few seconds. If you want to hide behind a bush or tree, then use prone by pressing the left control key. But ensure you are not watched, as you can become a soft target.

Sliding and other movements

Sliding (C key) enables you to maneuver through a hillside or reposition during combat. But while you are sliding, you cannot use any weapon, so primarily it is an escape mechanism. If you want to jump through a wall or casement, activate jump mode by pressing the spacebar or X button. Another advanced maneuver feature in Warzone 2 is dolphin driving. You can use it while jumping or tactical sprint to cover longer distances while in motion. For faster movement, drive any vehicle spotted across the terrain. All vehicles, including EVs, need fuel to run. You will find gas stations and cans for this purpose.


Contracts provide the necessary cash and loot. There are four types; secure, safecracker, bounty, most wanted, and Intel, each marked as a green phone symbol. Each contract comes with its own risk and reward factors you need to understand before picking one. A bounty is a popular contract where you need to kill the specified person within a given timeframe. As you inch closer to the target, the radius becomes smaller, letting you know the position of the player. 

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