Want to Ace MICROSOFT AZ-104: MICROSOFT 365 Security Administration Exam in One Go? Use Practice Tests and Exam Dumps

The security administrators who want to confirm their competence in their professional area may consider passing the AZ-104: MICROSOFT 365 Security Administration exam. It measures their skills in implementing and managing as well as monitoring security and compliance solutions for the MICROSOFT 365 and hybrid environments. The individuals who complete this prerequisite test will get the corresponding certification, and namely MICROSOFT 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate. Let’s take a look at this qualifying exam and how to prepare for it using the right study materials.

MICROSOFT AZ-104: In a Nutshell

Those professionals who want to take this test need to possess the expertise in protecting the MICROSOFT 365 enterprise environments and responding to threats as well as performing investigations and enforcing data governance. Furthermore, they should have a comprehension of identity, information, and threat protection. In addition, the applicants need to be familiar with security management and data governance.

MICROSOFT AZ-104 has a time frame of 2 hours and is given only in the Japanese and English languages. The registration price is $165. The test consists of 40 to 60 questions. To clear the exam, the students need to attain a passing score of 700 points out of 1000.

MICROSOFT AZ-104: Preparation Way

There are various study resources that individuals can utilize to prepare for MICROSOFT AZ-104. Before you start your preparation process, you need to get acquainted with the sections that are included in the exam. You can do it using the blueprint (you may find it on the official webpage). It can become a point of departure for your preparation phase. You may utilize this blueprint to find out the domains in which you have weak points. Therefore, you can decide what areas you should focus on. After that, you can choose the relevant preparation tool. (Xanax) For example, you can think about the instructor-led training course. It includes user password security and multi-factor authentication. Moreover, this training option covers information rights-managed content and message encryption as well as policies, labels, and rules, which support information protection and data loss prevention. In addition, it focuses on data retention tags and policies, in-place records management for SharePoint, email retention, and conducting content searches, which support eDiscovery investigations. On the other hand, the applicants can consider using online learning modules. They are self-paced preparation material that can be useful to those who prefer studying on their own. Each online learning module covers a specific topic, so just select the options that meet your needs. In addition, you can think about using various resources from 3rd-party websites. You can take advantage of video tutorials, blog articles, study guides, practice tests, and exam dumps.

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These were a few important things that you should know about the AZ-104: MICROSOFT 365 Security Administration test. If you are interested in this exam, be sure to get acquainted with its domains and prepare for the challenge properly. All in all, put your best foot forward to nail your test and earn the related certificate.

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