Valve Reportedly Working on a Handheld Console, SteamPal

According to new info found in the Steam beta client, Valve seems to be working on a new handheld console, called the SteamPal, codenamed Neptune. It’s unclear whether the console will run SteamOS, Android, or Windows, but it’ll certainly be in a tough spot. There are plenty of competitors in this particular niche, the most notable being Nintendo’s Switch. Both Dell and Lenovo are also supposedly working on their respective handheld consoles, so the competition will only get tougher from here on out.

Valve will most likely release a Switch-like handheld with WiFi, BT, and controller support, and thanks to its unique position in the gaming industry, market it as the ideal companion device for Steam gamers. In a recent Q&A, Valve CEO, Gabe Newell responded to a query regarding Steam’s policy on console platforms. His response was that it would become clearer by the end of this year. He was most likely referring to this particular project.



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