Use this Application to Change the Turbo Boost Clocks and Duration on your Laptop

Unlike desktop processors, laptop CPUs come with many restraints and limits, most of which can’t be overcome using conventional means. Furthermore, it’s also not possible to change the value of the PL2 power draw, Tau, and the clock multiplier (without using the BIOS in most cases).

Luckily, there’s this tool called ThrottleStop which does exactly as the name suggests. It basically lets you prevent your CPU from throttling when running at the peak boost clock stops, of course as long as you can keep the temperatures in check. You can increase the boost duration (Tau) to as long as you want, the load TDP values to slightly higher limits and increase the multiplier from within the OS and monitor the per-core temperature, frequency, load, and other stats as you benchmark various workloads. Furthermore, the base CPU clock and chipset speed can also be increase, although, in most cases, there will be little headroom to play around with. Regardless, this will be a much welcome tool for most enthusiasts to play with especially in the case of high-end gaming laptops.


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