Up to $60 Steam Wallet Code Free w/ MSI B550 Mobo + AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU Combo

In an unorthodox promotion, MSI is giving away Steam Wallet currency (up to $60) free with its new B550 motherboard – Ryzen CPU combo. To qualify for the promotion, you need to buy an MSI B550 boards along with an AMD Ryzen 3000 processor (Ryzen 3 chips included as well). For the lower-end boards, you get $30 for buying a Ryzen 3 CPU while the higher-end boards increase the prize to as much as $60.

The promotion will continue through 31st of August or as long as stocks last. To claim the Steam Wallet code, you’ll need to register your motherboard on the MSI website and verify your purchase.

The value of the Steam Wallet code not only depends on the motherboard you purchase but the CPU as well. A budget-level Ryzen 3 CPU and a cheaper micro-ATX combo nets you a $30 coupon while a Ryzen 5 chip with the same motherboard will get you a $40 code. Upgrading to a Ryzen 7 or 9 increases the value of the code to $50. Similarly, opting for a higher-end board increases the coupon value by $10 to $60. You can see the breakdown in the above table.


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