Turnkey Casinos or Independent Business Elaboration: What Is Better?

The wagering industry is saturated with a large number of providers. To be competitive, operators should quickly enter the market and attract the target audience.

There are several ways to launch an iGaming business, depending on the time and resources involved: the White Label format, a turnkey online casino and individual elaboration.

The prominent iGaming aggregator 2WinPower will help you launch a gambling site in the quickest way possible. The provider offers both turnkey solutions and separate components for web casinos.

Individual Development: Business from Scratch

Such a project gives an operator full control of the creation process, which consists of the following stages:

  1. Business strategy development. An entrepreneur needs to form a detailed project plan, covering technical, financial, and administrative issues (for example, site advertising aspects, expenses, emergency strategy, etc.).
  2. Purchasing a licence. The next step for a new online casino owner is to register and legalise the business. For this, operators collect the necessary documents, apply for permits, and also pay taxes. Obtaining certificates takes about 2–6 months.
  3. Creating a platform. Digital casino systems ensure a stable performance of the wagering resource and quickly respond to the needs of the audience. Gambling operators should hire a team of administrators and web designers to create decent software or purchase it from providers.
  4. Installation of games. A wide catalogue of entertainment is a key factor in attracting and maintaining solvent players. An operator who creates a project from scratch must look for partners and collaborate with various manufacturers for months. The catalogue should be diverse to meet the needs of any player.
  5. Integration of additional services. A casino manager must incorporate reliable payment systems, analytical components, promotion tools, and other core programs. In addition, punters’ funds must be protected, so it is necessary to connect a security system.
  6. Foundation of customer service. One of the most important features of a gaming business is good feedback from clients. Operators of digital gambling clubs must run a qualitative support department for excellent round-the-clock service.
  7. Creation of a marketing program. A good advertising campaign helps attract online players and retain regular users.

As a rule, it takes from 6 months to several years to launch a gaming platform from scratch.

Turnkey Casino Software: Profitable Business Investment

The independent creation of a gambling site is a difficult, risky and sometimes even more expensive option than ordering a finished product. The ready-made solution reduces time and monetary costs and usually ensures a wider functionality of the site.

A turnkey wagering project is carried out under the constant supervision of the operator. A professional provider or aggregator develops a unique platform with the participation of experienced IT and iGaming specialists.

After 1–2 months of cooperation, managers receive the finished product with various settings that help adjust the project to the customer’s preferences.

The main components of turnkey business elaboration are:

  • site development;
  • licensing (including assistance in casino registration);
  • administrative platform creation;
  • the integration of amusement content from prominent providers;
  • the installation of multicurrency payment agents;
  • the connection of loyalty systems (including jackpots, tournaments, registration prizes, etc.);
  • providing round-the-clock technical support.

The price of a turnkey project is always determined individually. It is a cheaper and more efficient option for operators who have no experience or time to develop start-ups on their own.

Benefits of a Turnkey Gambling Business

Let us review the main advantages of finished solutions:

  1. Quick start in the industry. The project can be launched in a few weeks after starting cooperation with partners.
  2. Uniqueness. Managers receive exclusive brands since providers and aggregators consider the client’s wishes during the elaboration process.
  3. Legal work. Cooperation with a provider of turnkey solutions guarantees obtaining a licence and compliance with the terms of the selected jurisdiction’s legislation.
  4. Risk-free operation. Entrepreneurs minimise all hazards as they are guided by experienced partners throughout collaboration.
  5. Powerful administrative software. Operators receive a multifunctional system that includes the finest payment agents, analytical modules, user activity monitoring programs, and other management tools.
  6. Diverse gaming content. The client obtains a full catalogue of different amusement products (HTML5 slots, sports betting solutions, sweepstakes, etc.) from top developers.
  7. Beneficial cooperation. During the entire production process, an entrepreneur receives individual assistance, legal support and technical control of implementation.

Finished options allow managers to get a decent ready-to-launch platform without hassles and risks. It attracts many businessmen from different parts of the world.

All Things Considered

Turnkey development is adapted to the needs of gaming operators, which allows for saving time and resources. If you want to order such services, contact the 2WinPower aggregator.

The finished online casino from the studio is a profitable solution with a quick payoff. The company also offers a wide range of other products, made with the use of modern technologies. These are BTC gaming portals, loyalty programs, security systems, VR casinos, and much more.

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