TSMC’s Revenue Grew by 25% in 2020: 5nm Accounted for 20% of Total Quarterly Earnings

TSMC reported its Q4 2020 revenue earlier today, with positive growth across the board. The company’s yearly revenue was up by 25% in 2020, with a gross and operating margin of 53% and 42%, respectively. That’s an increase of over 7 points compared to 2019.

Overall, most of the growth figures stayed in the low 30% for the last fiscal year, with an ROE of 29.6% and CMS of 791.48, an increase of 35.7% YoY

In the last quarter of 2020, the 5nm EUV process which is presently being exclusively being supplied to Apple, accounted for 1/5th or 20% of the company’s overall quarterly revenue. The 7nm node, on the other hand, brought in 29% despite being responsible for the majority of the company’s orders. (buy modafinil sweden)

Comparing the last two years, you can see that TSMC is rapidly ramping up 5nm production which went from 0 to 8% over the last year while 7nm volume grew by 27 to 33%. All the older nodes saw a drop in production capacity as demand for the newer processes increased.

Interestingly, Q4 saw negative growth in the HPC and IoT sectors while Automotive and DCE grew by 27% and 29%, respectively. The smartphone market which is responsible for half of the foundry’s overall revenue also grew by 13%.

The yearly figures are quite opposite, with HPC and IoT growing by 39% and 28%, respectively. Most of this growth can be attributed to AMD’s Epyc CPUs, NVIDIA’s V100/A100 and some of Xilinx’s Data Center accelerators. Smartphone grew by a moserate 23% while automotive fell by 7% compared to the last year.

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