TSMC to Trial Produce 3nm Chips in 2021, Apple to be the Only 5nm Client in 2020 (Not AMD)

TSMC has denied rumors regarding reduction in wafer production and has asserted that everything is going according to plan, albeit with a short delay. Earlier, there had been claims from industry experts that due to the recent Huawei ban, TSMC’s 5nm would see reduced sales, resulting in lower profits.

TSMC has gone ahead and said that not only is the 5nm capacity on track and unchanged for volume production in H2 2020, the trial production of the 3nm process will also start in 2021, followed by mass production in the second half of 2022.

Although there’s a good chance that TSMC will have to drop Huawei’s 5nm orders, the company is hopeful that it won’t be the case. Apple and Huawei are the primary clients who have placed 5nm chip orders, accounting for 20% and 7% of the company’s expected profits in 2020.



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