TSMC Marks Sale of 1 Billion 7nm Chips: Equal to 13 Manhattan City Blocks

TSMC has successfully sold 1 billion 7nm chips as of July 2020, the company shared in a blog post. That’s equal to 13 Manhattan city blocks, or in simple words, a lot. The Taiwanese foundry’s 7nm process began volume production in April 2018, serving many prominent fabless chipmakers, including AMD, NVIDIA, Apple, Qualcomm, Mediatek, etc.

Having mastered its 7nm process and improving yields to remarkable levels, TSMC is all set to start mass production of its 5nm EUV node. There’s also an intermediate node, dubbed as the 6nm process which is basically a refinement of the 7nm node using EUV technology. Intel’s XPG GPUs for gamers will reportedly be fabbed using one of these process nodes.

Apple will be the primary 5nm client in 2020, followed by Qualcomm, Mediatek, and AMD in 2021. NVIDIA will be one of the only major chipmakers other than Intel to have a flagship lineup based on a sub-7nm node in 2021, namely Samsung’s 10nm (or 8nm LPP) node. Team Green will leverage TSMC’s 7nm process only for the A100 which is an accelerator for AI workloads in Data Centers.


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