TSMC Launches 3nm Factory; 5nm Capacity to Exceed 100K in 1H 2021

TSMC inaugurated its first 3nm factory in Nanke, Taiwan on the 24th of November, with risk production for the same slated to begin in 2021. At the same time, the mass production of the 5nm EUV node has been progressing as per schedule. In Q4, the monthly production reached 90K pieces per month, the bulk of which is supplied to Apple.

TSMC is starting the mass production of its 3nm wafers in the second half of 2022, however, as already explained, these will leverage the standard FinFet technology rather than GAA. The recently inaugurated fab in Nanke which will handle the production for this process node was built atop a massive investment of NT$2 trillion.

TSMC is already laying the groundwork for the 2nm node which will utilize the GAA technology instead of FinFet. It is expected to start production by 2024. In comparison, Samsung has announced that it’ll be mass producing its 3nm chips with GAA in 2022. However, it’ll only make a difference if the company is able to maintain yields higher than its present figures.

As far as the majority of chipmakers are concerned, TSMCs 5nm EUV node is where the action’s at. All major semiconductor companies from AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Mediatek, and even Intel are expected to make use of this process for their next generation of processors, launching in 2022.



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