TSMC Expects 5nm Chips to Account for 8% of the total Yearly Revenue in 2020

Taiwanese foundry, TSMC has high hopes from its upcoming 5nm process, with the new node expected to bring in about 8% of the total yearly revenue for this year. Interestingly, after the Huawei ban, Apple is the only client expected to launch products based on the new process this year.

Many other chipmakers, most notably AMD have also placed a significant volume of 5nm orders with TSMC, for both GPUs as well as CPUs, but none of them will debut anytime soon.

With NVIDIA sticking to Samsung’s 8nm process for its Ampere consumer lineup and Intel focusing on mass-producing its own 10nm chips, AMD appears to be the only major PC chipmaker poised to take advantage of TSMC’s cutting-edge 5nm process.

All the other clientele almost exclusively cater to the mobile market. These include Apple, Qualcomm, Mediatek and formerly, HiSilicon.



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