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Toshiba: 26 TB HDDs Later this Year, 30 TB in 2023, 35 TB in 2025

Toshiba has laid out its roadmap for the data center segment, with plans for over 40 TB HDDs by 2026. The company has scheduled the launch of 26 TB drives by the end of the financial year 2022 which is the first quarter of 2023. Toshiba’s present 18 TB drives leverage nine aluminum platters with FC-MAMR (flux-control microwave-assisted magnetic recording) technology. A 20 TB HDD based on FC-MAMR is expected to be announced later this year. The capacity will be increased from 18 TB to 20 TB by increasing the disk count from 9 to 10. (

Toshiba plans on increasing the drive capacity by 5-6GB every year. Till 20 TB, FC-MAMR will be used. Starting from 26 TB, MAS-MAMR (Microwave Assisted Switching- Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording) disks will be used with up to 10 helium-filled platters. From 30 TB onwards, HAMR is slated to be utilized to push the drive capacity over 40 TB. In addition to this, use of multi-stacking (3D stacking) technology is also expected with the 35 TB drives and onward.


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