Top Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies that will attract new-gen of crypto investors

Crypto investors are using trading apps like the bitcoin up to help them with solid trading decisions. Moreover, here are the Top Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies that will attract new-gen of crypto investors. To know more you can visit the bitcoin up.

# Zcash 

This emerging cryptocurrency was exclusively created by a group of established scientists that represented John Hopkins from MIT. There were other scientists as well who came together from different backgrounds for the development of Zcash. Scientists from the most prestigious & scientific institutions came together to develop the kind of cryptocurrencies that focused more on the privacy aspects. 

Now, it should not be much of a surprise that Zcash is exclusively based on the core of Bitcoin, and the only thing that separates it from Bitcoin is its privacy features. Hence, Zcash is currently in the digital ecosystem that operates with full command. It is also pegged to increase in its prices which is why the investors are looking forward to putting more money into it right off the bat. 

# BitTorrent

It is one of the most prominent peer-to-peer platforms, which is a significantly powerful and evolving network. BitTorrent is widely renowned as one of the few platforms that have been able to address the subtle needs of its users. Now, in this system, the files which are considerably larger in size are subsequently split into small fragments, which are later sent across the internet. 

To make things even more convenient, the format of such files remains intact during the course of splitting them. Now, the files thus sent after splitting are reassembled accordingly into a big file when the recipient gets the file. Now, anyone who is able to download the file is entitled to join the network’s distribution automatically. 


There is no denying the fact that Polkadot has evolved into one of the most influential cryptocurrencies lately solely due to its recent development internally. The market is quite compatible with Polkadot, and it is quite often that people mistake it for being a smart contract. Rather, it is an initiative that was initially ushered in by Web 3.0 technology. Yes, that’s true because the next iteration of the internet is about to make use of Polkadot quite profusely. (Zolpidem)  

Now, this network highly favors scalability, which is why it has become a prominent preference of the users. Polkadot now has bragging rights over other prominent cryptocurrencies in the likes of Ethereum whenever scalability is taken into account. It has recently displayed that it can outrun such digital assets when it comes to low cost & significantly faster speeds. Currently, it is also being hailed as the market leader, which is not a flawed theory either because Polkadot has earned it. 

Moreover, it is also being hailed as the leader of the open & decentralized network owing to its high position in the digital ecosystem. Hence, the market value of Polkadot has increased quite radically considering the competition that it faced in the market. 


Now, Filecoin was created with the sole objective to serve as the filing cabinet when it comes to web 3.0. It is currently the most effective storage network as far as a decentralized ecosystem is concerned. It is also used as a secured alternative to the central storage system. It can easily be referred to as the most productive filing cabinet as far as web 3.0 is concerned. 

Filecoin has been in the mainstream for quite some time now and has successfully garnered a substantial user base in a short time. This is a feat not too easy to attain, considering the stiff competition that is pervasive across the digital ecosystem. The decentralized network is usually meant for storage and serves as a highly secured alternative to the traditional means of doing the same thing. It also provides way more convenience as opposed to the centralized cloud and has incredible features of making the passive source of income. 

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