Top Three Bitcoin Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

When it comes to Bitcoins and their market situation, one thing is for sure that nothing is certain. And by uncertainty, we don’t mean only the volatility or fluctuations. It also refers to the fact that this cryptocurrency sees new trends in its acceptability and use come and go each year. Last year, though a good one for Bitcoin, was not free of new trends. Naturally, 2022 is also all set to be a big one for Bitcoin in the following ways.

1. More Bitcoin ATMs

People have always found it hard to take Bitcoin seriously because they couldn’t touch or see it. However, Bitcoin ATMs are coming up in different parts of the world. It is going to help people see digital assets as perceivable investment devices. In fact, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs reached a record high last year. Now, there are at least 33,000 of them across the world. Since these ATMs let people buy Bitcoins through debit or credit cards, both newbies and enthusiasts can easily access this cryptocurrency.

2. Leveraging the price volatility

The price of Bitcoin is still the most widely considered benchmark in the crypto market. Last year, Bitcoin had a volatile performance where it reached an all-time high in April before crashing in July. It rose again to another all-time high in November before dropping slightly in December. Since the crypto market is still maturing, the volatility is going to continue in 2022.

Due to the volatility, traders seem to like Bitcoin. The fluctuations allow for ample arbitrage prospects. Now, it is true that Bitcoin can plunge as easily as it soars. This is why you need the kind of software Yuan Pay Group offers because it lets you understand when you invest and how much to invest.

Also, Bitcoin will increase in value on a long-term basis, in spite of the steep periodic corrections. Thus, a wise thing to do is to commit to the trade rather than fretting.

3. Approvals for Bitcoin ETFs

The very first Bitcoin future exchange-traded fund (ETF) called BITO hit the New York Stock Exchange in 2022. It hit one billion dollars in trades right on the first day. It naturally confirmed the long-held investor interests in crypto products that can be bought and traded on regular exchanges.

However, BITO is not a holder of Bitcoin. It is more of a way for retail investors to gain exposure to the Bitcoin futures – not real BTC. There are loads of applications for ETFs in the SEC based on the present prices of cryptos, but it hasn’t ever allowed one.

Considering BITO’s performance and the faith of investors in it, you can expect Bitcoin spot ETFs in 2022. In fact, there might be potential ETFs that are linked to other cryptos that can ensure the entry of a whole new lot of retail investors.


A good time to invest in Bitcoin is right now. And if you are unsure about how much to invest in what, talk to crypto to get things clarified for you.

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