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Top 8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Playing Cards

Today, card games let you spend time with friends and even win money if you enter gambling establishments in Las Vegas or CasinoChan Canada if you want to save money. But did you know that once they helped a man to become a mayor? This is only one fact about playing cards. Keep reading to know more about this gambling entertainment.

A Characteristic Sound

Everyone knows the sound that a deck makes in the hands of a skilled gambler. Many people will be surprised, but this is possible by glue, not plastic, as many are used to thinking. It is the several layers of glue that cover the cards that make them elastic and wear-resistant.

Beveled Card Edges

Today, cards are made by machines. Their layers go on a conveyor belt, where they are cut with powerful and sharp blades. Depending on the direction of the blade, up or down, it can happen that either the face or the shirt of the card is slightly larger. Cards with a smaller face side are assembled more easily in the deck.

French Suits

In the 14th century, cards were popular in many European countries, but only their French version has survived to this day. In fact, it was the French who came up with the appearance of all four suits. This state of affairs can be explained by the fact that their version was characterized by geometric simplicity, full-color filling, and simplicity of printing. It was also the French who reduced the number of shaped cards from four to three (Jack, Queen, and King) per suit.

The Sad King

The King of Hearts is often referred to as the “suicide king” because he is depicted as stabbing himself in the back of the head with a dagger. That’s not true because the original idea was that he would raise his weapon in preparation for battle.

How to Become a Mayor

James Farrington became mayor of Estancia because he beat his opponent at poker. Under state law, if the candidates have the same number of votes, the victory is determined by some game.

One-Eyed King

This refers to the king of diamonds, as he is the only one depicted so that his second eye is not visible. Gambling enthusiasts attribute this to the fact that the card actually depicts a god. Supposedly, it has something to do with Odin, the one-eyed god from Scandinavian mythology who could destroy enemies with a flick of his fingers.

A Way of Learning History

In a deck of cards, each king has a different historical prototype. For example, King of Spades is King David, King of Hearts is Charles the Great, King of Clubs is Alexander the Great, King of Diamonds is Julius Caesar.

Playing Cards for Soldiers

Bicycle is an American company that makes card decks. During World War II, it manufactured special cards commissioned by the U.S. government. These cards were sent to German camps to capture American soldiers. The peculiarity of these cards was the fact that when the cards got wet, they showed escape routes from the camp.