Cryptocurrency investors are using an automated trading robot that helps its users to enhance their trading like bitcoinevolution. Apparently, here are the top 5 Web 3.0 crypto assets.

#1 Helium 

It is one of the most prominent decentralized blockchains that is currently being featured by web 3.0. Helium is a network exclusively developed for all the prevalent IoT devices. But it needs to be noted that all such devices must consume low-energy global networks, which can be wireless hotspots as well. 

Now, it is done to successfully broadcast data, and it can be done via radio waves which are usually recorded in the highly secured blockchain network. In addition to this, the platform also uses a combination of a new algorithm which is commonly referred to as the consensus of proof-of-coverage. It is done to validate the fact that all the pervasive hotspots are fully capable of providing legitimate and unerring wireless coverage across the network. 

#2 Chainlink 

This LINK is undeniably a blockchain abstraction that recently came into the spotlight. The chainlike is an abstraction layer that universally enables all the connected and highly convenient smart contracts. The chain has an incredibly profuse supply of resources to back the development process in its entirety and also provides a much more convenient ideal combination. 

It is also well capable of providing the right technology through the resources that it has in store for worldwide users. Now, to make it all much more compelling, Chainlink features an incredible and active community that helps in navigating through the platform. This is yet another concrete reason why most investors currently prefer Chainlink way more than any other prominent cryptocurrency. 

#3 Filecoin 

It can easily be referred to as the most productive filing cabinet as far as web 3.0 is concerned. Filecoin has been in the mainstream for quite some time now and has successfully garnered a substantial user base in a short time. This is a feat not too easy to attain, considering the stiff competition that is pervasive across the digital ecosystem. The decentralized network is usually meant for storage and serves as a highly secured alternative to the traditional means of doing the same thing. It also provides way more convenience as opposed to the centralized cloud and has incredible features of making the passive source of income. 

Filecoin is being widely used across the digital network to store any type of data regardless of the format. It can now be an audio file, video file, pictures, and even texts. Moreover, it is highly capable of securing sensitive information as well, which makes it highly favored among users. All the private & sensitive information that companies make use of almost on a regular basis, along with the essential records, can be stored in the Filecoin. Hence, it has achieved the status of being among the top cryptocurrencies as far as web 3.0 is concerned. Therefore, it is high time to buy Filecoin in 2022 before the prices rise high significantly in the months to come. 

#4 Livepeer 

It is a prominent decentralized platform for streaming online videos, and the entire network is built on the second most prominent cryptocurrency of all time, the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, it is highly secured and incredibly cost-effective. It also encourages the participation of emerging actors that usually remain active in the decentralized streaming ecosystem. Now, what is the objective of creating Livepeer when there are already a profuse number of crypto assets that aim exclusively for Web 3.0? Well, the answer is quite simple because Livepeer addresses two of the most important goals-distribution, which is done in real-time. It is an encouraging participation network that continues to be in the spotlight in recent years. 

#5 Kusama 

Polkadot always holds an immense relevance whenever Kusama is taken into account. Hence, going on a detour with Polkadot might just be the thing that you can do. Kusama is undeniably a highly profitable and lucrative short-term investment. 

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