Top 5 Similar Games to Stick of Titan You Never Heard About!

When humans believed they were safe, gigantic beings known as Titans appeared out of nowhere! Stick of Titans is a fast-paced stick figure game based on the renowned Attack on Titans anime and manga series. You must utilize your weapons to fend against a horde of humanoid creatures and defeat the titans with them in this game.

At each level, the objective is to eliminate all of the stick Titans. Defeat the unique Titans, as well as the strange and abnormal Titans! The game’s aesthetics aren’t particularly impressive, but it makes up for it with engaging and simple gameplay.

5 Similar Games to Stick of Titan

If you are an Attack on Titan fan, you must have already played Stick of Titan and are looking for more games similar to it. We are here to so that you can finally end your search! Here is a short list of games similar to Stick of Titan commonly based on the anime Attack on Titan.

#1. Attack From Titan

Just like in the anime, in the game, Attack From Titan, the titans have gone berserk and now it is up to you to eliminate them. The exhilaration of killing Titans, as well as the spectacular moves, are brilliantly recreated in the game.

With the ODM gear, players can freely maneuver in the air and strike the titans in style! Plus, players are offered a variety of weaponry to utilize. It’s up to you to pick one of them and utilize it against the rampaging titans. Rope hero stickman warriors can swing away from titans or reach them from behind to get their neck when they are attacking.

#2. Tap Titans 2: Heroes. Clicker

Take out the Titan Lords in over 70,000 levels with your sword and a team of warriors in Sword Master’s epic quest in this fantastic Android game, Tap Titans 2: Heroes. Clicker, inspired by the anime Attack on Titan. A far better alternative to Stick of Titan, this is a game you must play!

In this clicker RPG adventure, tap to fight hundreds of Titans with your sword as you wander around the land. To leave your legacy as the Ultimate Sword Master, upgrade your blade for new gear, collect pets, and participate in online clan raids with people all around the world.

#3. Titans Slayer: Fun 3D Action Game

Titans Slayer is an entertaining 3D action-adventure game in which you must kill mighty titans in 1vs1 clashes. Yup! Quite similar to stick of titan but with better aesthetics. The city has been overrun by Titans! You are the only one who can stop them! Run around the arena grabbing whatever you can and throwing it at the tap titans! Destroy helicopters and even animals with TNT and oil barrels!

With tons of super cool skins and almost adorable graphics, Titan Slayers is a fun action-filled game. Are you ready to dive into the battle like Captain Levi? Put on your latex and get ready to fight the titans!

#4. Titan Evolution World

While inspired by the Attack on Titan anime, Titan Evolution World is unlike the games mentioned above as this one doesn’t exactly require you to eliminate the titans. Instead, you have to do the absolute opposite of it!

You have complete control over the creation and development of your own titan in this game. It can be evolved and fed a variety of foods. You may make the biggest titan or the strangest titan you can think of. Sure! Eliminating titans is fun but controlling your own fleet of titans might just be far more enthralling! (Xanax)

#5. Age of Colossus

Play as Commander Brian, humanity’s last hope, who must stop giant creatures in the Age of Colossus. Due to reactive ores from the asteroid collision, these monstrosities mutated. Brian teams up with Mike, a giant mutated gorilla, to stop the Shadow Corps from using mutated animals to destroy the world’s governments.

Along with Brian, the game features a variety of collectible heroes, each with unique abilities. Breeding mutant animals, customizing unique bases and building cutting-edge tanks, helicopters, and other battle machines are all part of the game.

Now that you are done playing the mini parody game Stick of Titan, which of the above game will you choose next to play? If you ask us, our favorite was Titan evolution world as it has a little different gameplay but always reminds us of Stick of Titan.

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