Top 5 Most Significant eSports Events in the World

Did you know that the size of the global eSports market was 906 million dollars in 2018 and reached 1.65 billion dollars in 2020? eSports is no longer just a leisure activity for people. eSports players earn millions of dollars by competing in eSports tournaments and streaming their performances on YouTube and Twitch. The sector became popular, with several large companies getting involved in eSports events.

Several video game developers, such as Valve and Epic Games, organize global eSports tournaments for their respective games. Brands like Microsoft and Red Bull sponsor these events; companies like the Electronic Sports League (ESL) have based their entire business model on the eSports sector.

With the growing eSports generation and many people embracing eSports professionally, it has become too big an industry to ignore. We have organized this list of the top 5 eSports events in 2021.

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League of Legends – Worlds

Worlds 2021 is the biggest League of Legends event, and one of the most significant eSports events in the world, the total prize pool of the event hits R$10 million! The event is scheduled to occur in China, in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and closes in Shenzhen on November 6th.

The producer claims that it still does not know if the public will be present at the event; the schedule is still under discussion by Riot Games. Over 6,000 spectators attended the first edition of threads 2020 at the grand final in Shanghai. It is worth remembering that the competition broke the eSports broadcast record with 46 million simultaneous viewers with the victory of Damwon. The CBLOL 2021, the most prominent Brazilian League of Legends championship, is taking place on the national scene. The LoL competition brings together Flamengo, Loud, Furia, and others to compete for prize money and a direct seat in Worlds 2021.

Counter-Strike – CS: GO – World Championship (PGL)

Starting on October 23, the CS: GO World Championship will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, the tournament organized by PGL with a total prize pool of US$ 2 million. The teams will be selected from regional disputes in several countries, and there are still more details to be revealed. The event has an estimated end date for the 7th of November.

Another important Counter-Strike event is also the ESL One Cologne, which will take place from the 6th to the 18th of July. The event will take place in Cologne, Germany. The 24 teams will compete for the $1 million prize pool. CS: GO fans will be able to follow the tournament via streaming through the event’s official channels.

Free Fire

Free Fire has already had a big event this year, the FFWS 2021 (Free Fire World Series), which had the Thai Phoenix Force as the champion team. The tournament brings together virtual teams such as Loud, Fluxo, Corinthians, among other highlights in the Battle Royale Mobile scenario. The competition took place on the 24th of July. You can check out the championship broadcasts on the official Brazilian Free Fire channel, and BOOYAH!.

Rainbow Six Siege

The tournament returned with a lot of rivalries after a two-month break. The last Rainbow Six Siege world championship that took place in May had significant worldwide participation. As reported by The Enemy, the NiP team (Ninjas in Pyjamas) was the event’s champion, with more groups from around the world contesting the championship. So the tournament is exciting to watch as it gathers all this rivalry at home.


The Valiant Champions Tour 2021 Tournament is Valorant’s first international event, and recently in May, the Masters 2 Reykjavík stage took place. The next stage of the tournament is the Masters 3 Berlin from the 9th to the 19th of September. The final of VCT 2021 will be decided between November 29th and December 12th; the last part of the competition will bring together the top 16 from each region with prizes to be defined.

Esports in Europe

eSports followers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of events in the summer of 2021. Most of the upcoming online and in-person tournaments are scheduled for the middle of this year. The European competitions organized by the ESL will be played in a study with the necessary sanitary protocols, but without amateurs. However, on virtual betting portals like Betway eSports betting, you can follow and enjoy the tempting gaming offer that includes special promotions on different eSports tournaments.

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