Top 5 Hardest Casino Games to Win

Gambling is doing more numbers as the year goes by, and we are seeing a lot of newbies in the industry. Being new to UK online casino sites on Slotsfans.com puts you on uneven ground with players who have years of experience in the business. The truth about gambling is that the casino gambling edge will always be prevalent. And if you don’t make a deliberate effort to level up your skills, your losses will always overshadow your losses. A good starting point is knowing the difficulty level for most casino games.


If you were unaware, all casino games don’t have the same difficulty level. And many newbies are yet to realise it; instead, they keep trying to compete in games above their class. We want to help you by providing you with the hardest casino games today. This overview aims not to make you avoid these games but to prepare you better for them. Equipping yourself with the right skills in these seemingly harder casino games would level the ground for you and make you win more. With skills and the right amount of luck, you will be on the greens.


Blackjack is a popular casino game, both for new and old players. Many brands sell this game to newbies as one of the games with the highest RTP, which is not false. It is also relatively simple to explain to anyone, as the goal is to get the 21 before the dealer. The on-paper simplicity makes many beginners rush for blackjack without any tangible skills to level with the house edge. It may seem like the field is level for both the player and the dealer; however, it doesn’t justify diving into blackjack without any significant knowledge of the game.

If you want to save yourself from excessive losses, you need a bit of learning. When playing, you must know when to surrender. Surrendering is a great way to shorten your losses by half when things are obviously not in your favour. A good piece of advice is also not to call for any additional card if you are on 19 or 20. Many beginners are tricked into thinking the last card would push them to 21; however, it often does more harm than good. Learn also how to sign up to Sun Vegas now for a £10 bonus with NO deposit required.


Craps is also a popular casino game, and we can attribute some of its popularity to the media. It is a game common to movies and TV shows. And maybe that is why many non-experienced individuals think they can walk into any casino as a newbie and ace the whole game. Craps may look very straightforward when you start playing, but it drags you into an abyss of complexity as you get into the game. One of its complexity is attributed to the unusually high number of bets in the game.

To master craps, you must first familiarise yourself with the terminologies used by regular players. Unlike many other casino games, you cannot survive if you don’t speak ‘crap language.’ Another thing that makes players struggle with crap is its unending pace. Many players are used to slow-paced games that give them time to think. Crap goes hard on you with the pace, putting you in a position that can allow you to make moves without thinking critically.


Roulette is another glamorous casino game that has been painted so well by the media. Many people think the game is about having balls on random numbers. There is more to roulette, and you never realise it if you only watch others play. We will not sugarcoat it; if you want to learn roulette from the basics, you must prepare for a little rough ride. Mastering the game takes time and patience.

The major reason for the difficulty of roulette is the number of choices. Several other casino games present many possibilities, but we cannot say the same for roulette. Apart from the numbers 1 to 36 that you can bet on, there are also even, odd, red, and black. However, mastering this game would teach you how to use these diverse possibilities to your advantage. It all depends on you; do you have the patience to master the game? One thing is for sure; it will be worth it in the end. Check also Gambling apps: a super casino in your pocket to play and make money online where you wish.


Baccarat presents you with a very similar scenario to blackjack – a player and the dealer, which in this case is called the banker. The difference is that blackjack provides a little more flexibility in your betting options. Unlike blackjack, where everything centres around the player, baccarat also allows you to bet on the dealer. And even better, a tie. So you have three options— a tie, the banker, and the player.

As a beginner, you need to start by knowing the various card values. Cards with between two and nine retain their values while tens are zeros. And aces always represent ones. The game starts with both parties having two cards, with the option to draw one more if their card value is below five. In the end, whoever has a closer value to nine triumphs.


Poker is probably the least game you expected on this list, but hear us out first. Irrespective of the poker variation and whether you play it in an online or brick-and-mortar casino, getting an easy win is impossible. While learning the basics of poker may be relatively easy, mastering the skills that will take you to the next level is where the difficulty lies. And if you insist that you are fine with the basics, it is only a matter of time before the losses frustrate you.

Popular types of poker include:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • Five-Card Draw
  • High Low Chicago

Another thing that contributes to the difficulty of poker is the competition in the game. Unlike several other casino games, poker is ridden with so many competitions. Unofficially, poker has the highest number of tournaments and competitions. And when you find yourself in such competition, you compete with people who are equally hungry for a win like you. That alone puts you under a lot of pressure. Aside from that, our advice is to take things slow; your learning pace may not be the fastest, but it will pay off in the end.


For a final clarification, the main aim of this content is not to discourage you from playing these seemingly hard games. It is only to make you sit up and master the skills that will help you survive long-term. Learning the skills and strategies won’t be easy, so remember to take things slow and steady. Most importantly, we must also remind you that no amount of skill or mastery will give you a 100% win rate. Irrespective of your level of knowledge, the element of luck still applies, even to the simplest games. However, equipping yourself with the right skills will significantly tip things in your favour.

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