Top 5 Benefits of Trying Out New Games

Today’s gamers have more options than ever before. Along with brand new titles from top developers like EA and Tencent, players also have access to totally new gaming formats. Mobile gaming, for example, developed into a serious business over the last five years, to the surprise of many.

PUBG Mobile is one of the world’s most-downloaded and most-played mobile games. The title is a mobile port of a PC survival game of the same title. In 2021 alone, the game was downloaded 127 million times—less than half its peak of 261 million downloads in 2018. Despite the fact that few gamers stuck to smartphones back in 2015, the industry is now booming thanks to these innovative titles.

Along with new formats, the gaming world is also diversifying in terms of theme and game type. Let’s cover another example. Globally, casino gaming is one of the most popular sectors in the industry. Diving into an online casino is a great way to sample classic titles like blackjack, roulette, and slots.

The latter, in particular, is considered a global favorite. Those concerned about handling a bankroll for the first time can consider diving into a social casino. These platforms are designed with all the excitement of a regular casino but keep the focus on gaming by using a sweeps coin system.

By switching up the classic casino format, innovative companies can stand out from the crowd. Still, some gamers may take a bit of convincing to leave their favorite titles behind to either search for a new gaming format or try a different gaming provider. Here are five reasons it’s always a good idea to try something new.

Finding Your (Next) Niche

Gaming is one of the biggest entertainment sectors—and it’s constantly diversifying, as highlighted above. Most gamers like to stick to their favorite title or niche, like FPS or MOBA games. However, even if you’re convinced that you’ve found your favorite niche, that might not be entirely true. 

After all, gaming developers continue to invent brand new plots and mechanics, combining genres as player interest guides them. Strange Horticulture, for example, is one of 2022’s biggest hits. It combines puzzles with mystery, storytelling, and tons of memory challenges.

Sampling Indie Developers

Gamers who stick to their favorite titles are likely glued to a Nintendo, Sony, Tencent, Activision, or Microsoft project. However, platforms like Itch.io have helped to highlight top projects from indie creators. And in terms of innovation and fanfare, indie games go the distance when we consider mechanic and thematic experimentation. 

Creating New Neural Pathways

Despite all the fears about spending too much time in front of a screen in the 1980s and 90s, studies have now linked video gaming to the development of new neural pathways. When the brain develops new neural pathways, it’s able to strengthen analytical and critical thinking processes, along with sensory processing, short-term memory, and even hand-eye coordination.

Fostering a New Community

Today, the vast majority of popular games involve teamwork. This means that players who are invested in games with social features spend a lot of time around their fellow gamers. The same goes for those who stick to Twitch streams to catch their favorite streamers playing. The entire affair is highly social.

This is a great reason to seek out new games—they come with a brand-new community. Best of all, MMORPGs, MOBAs, and FPS titles are incredibly expansive. This means that you can find a group that mirrors your skill level and approach to the game, all while making new friends.

Improving Strategic Thinking

Above, we mentioned that video gaming had been linked to cognitive improvements. This is especially true for strategic thinking, as even the most basic video games incorporate some sort of strategy. Depending on whether you’re a single player or part of a team, you’ll need to approach a game in a different way. Given many gamers are Type A thinkers, new strategic challenges are often highly rewarding.

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