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Top 10 Semiconductor Companies Q2 2021 (By Sales): Samsung Regains #1 Spot, TSMC at #3, NVIDIA at #7

Samsung’s foundry sales surged by nearly a quarter (last quarter) on account of surging DRAM/NAND prices and demand, displacing Intel as the top semiconductor company by sales. The Korean chipmaker’s sales grew by 19% in the second quarter to $20.3 billion, with another increase of 10% projected in the third quarter due to rising demand.

Source: IC Insights

Meanwhile, the revenues of the other two industry heavyweights, Intel and TSMC remained flat with a growth of just 3% in the second quarter. Intel reported quarterly revenue of $19.3 billion, while TSMC chalked in $13.29 billion. The fourth and fifth spots belong to SK Hynix and Micron, respectively, both reporting gains close to 20% compared to the previous quarter.

The 6th spot was held by Qualcomm, followed by NVIDIA and Broadcom, all fabless chipmakers. While Qualcomm’s revenues remained flat compared to the first quarter, NVIDIA grew by 14%, similar to MediaTek, which reported a quarterly gain of 17%. The final spot fell to TI. AMD fell to the 11th spot despite gaining 12% in sales and thus hasn’t been included in the top 10 rankings.


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