Tips For Live Streaming from your Smartphone or Tablet in South Africa

Live streaming on the go or on a budget is as easy as a few clicks away on your mobile phone. Get YouTube TV in South Africa or other apps like Twitch that allow you to live stream via your mobile or tablet device.

Be it a concert you want to share with your friends, or simply a fun session with your fans, you can use some basic tricks that will amp up your streaming experience to an absolute 10! From setting up all the essential gear to choosing the perfect lighting and angle, to planning out your content for the stream, there are multiple aspects to consider before the actual deed.

While live streaming in generally can be a tricky process, streaming from your phone requires a different level of expertise as you need to make the most out of the least at times. So let’s talk about how you can make your live streaming experience better in South Africa with just these few hacks that we have shared.

Setting Up

Though your mobile phone will save you from the hassle of setting up a camera or webcam, you will still require some equipment such as stands and proper seating arrangements in order to ensure that your audience has the best view and does not place much strain on their eyes trying to remain focused because of an unstable frame.

Useful gear includes a tripod stand or an adjustable mobile stand for good angles, suitable furniture so you are comfortable, and microphones and headphones if the session is supposed to be an interactive one.

Visual Aesthetics

The background, the lighting, and everything that can be seen on the screen must be in complete balance with each other. Make sure to not clutter the background so that the foreground remains the center of attention. Moreover, ensuring good lighting will make your streaming experience unbelievably better.

You can get a green screen or a ring light for better visual aid. If technical gear is out of your budget or just not available for the moment, it is always advisable to use a background that has the least amount of clutter.

Quality of Audio

What you can do to avoid audio glitches is to use a working microphone and headset, so you are able to hear your audience as well. You can also try to unblock any external sources of noise by simple tricks like shutting your windows down, turning off extra appliances, or speaking closer to the mic.

Network stability

The greatest turn-off for your audience will be continuous disconnections. So if you want to remain connected to your audience during interactions, you must also stay connected to a good and stable source of internet. You must remember to always keep a backup of network sources such as a hotspot, so you can instantly connect to it if the primary source is lost.

Trial Runs

Perform trials on your live streaming sessions before the big day to ensure that all your set-up and back-ups are in place, so as to ensure a smooth streaming experience for yourself and your audience. This may include running your gear and your network under a trial and test run.

External Power Sources

While most live-streaming-friendly phones and tablets are installed with adequate batteries, there is always the possibility that the live session might place greater strain on them. Therefore, plugging your device into an external power source throughout the session is suggested. This external power source could be a power plug or a power bank.

Do Not Disturb

While live streaming, to avoid any distractions, you must place your smartphone or device on Do Not Disturb mode so that no notifications or unexpected calls may interrupt your live session.

You can go to the settings app on your phone and from the Sound settings, you will find the option to turn on Do Not Disturb mode, with all the customisation you like.

App Selections

Choosing the app that fits your preferences is also another important factor that contributes immensely towards a successful live session. You must select an app that is user-friendly, highly rated for having no glitches, allows you to connect other hardware, etc.

Apps like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are most popular options for conducting a live stream. These apps provide a number of features that enhance your streaming experience, such as with Instagram, you can add your friends to your live stream to conduct a combined session. These streams may also be uploaded to your profile as videos.


So what are you waiting for? Live stream all you want and gain the best experiences by making sure you follow all the tips we have provided you with above.

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