Three Essential IT Tools for Scaling Your Business in 2022

No matter the shape or size of your business, whether you are a one-person show or a growing international operation, your success is largely defined by your ability to keep growing. When you attract more customers and more investors, you can “scale up” and take your business to the next level. However, while this is an important goal to work towards, it is not without its pitfalls.

If you scale up too fast without the right infrastructure in place, you will fail to deliver for your growing customer base and likely lose out on profits as a result. This is the challenge that scalability tools aim to address and overcome. If your business is growing in 2022, make sure to use these essential IT scalability tools to stay one step ahead.

Workload management tools

When your business grows, so does your workload. In those early days of growth, you can quickly lose track of all of your projects and priorities, meaning that important work falls by the wayside. Get a jump on this by implementing some free workload management tools that your whole team can benefit from.

Good workload management tools will allow everyone in your team to see the overall goals and projects in one place, while also simultaneously being able to track their own individual tasks and priorities. There are countless examples of free tools that many of the biggest companies on Earth use to make sure that nothing gets left out of the loop. Trello, Slack, Asana, Teams, EverNote – the list goes on. 

Identity providers

The integrity of your IT security is paramount to your continued success and good reputation. However, as your company grows rapidly and adds new users to the network on a daily basis, vulnerabilities can begin to show. That is why you should use an identity provider platform to manage users and permissions on your behalf. But what is an identity provider exactly?

Put simply, it is a third-party service that will quickly authenticate new users and customers for you, eliminating the need to remember passwords or remember the permissions of each individual user on the network. This is an essential security tool for growing businesses.

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CRM Automation software

As your company grows, the number of important relationships with customers and clients will also grow rapidly. This can be very difficult to stay on top of, meaning that potentially valuable leads get forgotten about. This is why you need high-quality customer relationship management (CRM) software to track all of these relationships for you.

A good CRM will allow you to keep and securely manage the data of all of your customers and track where individual leads are in the sales funnel. Again, free or low-cost CRM tools abound, with Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot being the most popular by far. 

These are the IT tools that will allow you to quickly and safely scale your business up in 2022. The best part is that all of these tools can be had for free or for a very low cost, meaning that growth does not have to break the bank. 

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