Things to know about Intel’s Upcoming Arc graphics cards

Intel is about to release its first true family of discrete graphics cards called Arc, and here, you can find everything you need to know about it.

Everyone is ready for Intel Arc

Intel shared the big news and announced the Arc branding not so long ago. Intel Arc leverages a brand-new graphics architecture designed to compete with AMD and Nvidia. With a launch planned for sometime later this quarter, it is one of the most anticipated lineups of this year. And excitements are always welcome, same as an impressive netent no deposit bonus.

Take your gaming sessions to a whole new level

According to Intel, Arc brings brand-new graphics solutions, services, hardware, and software. Everything is built and designed to help the users experience their favorite games at the highest quality. And if you get the chance to take your gaming sessions to a new level, you should take it! By doing that, you will enjoy your favorite games even more. In the opinion of Tony Sloterman, the Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder company, gaming allows players to find the connection with their inner selves.

What Intel Arc brings along?

As mentioned, Intel Arc is about to bring many new and exciting things. The high-end graphics card is about to feature AI-based upscaling called XeSS, real-time ray tracing, mesh shading, and many other exciting options. The inclusion of all these technologies from the get-go suggests that Intel is serious about the gaming GPU market. The first of many Arc generations is codenamed Alchemist. According to Intel, the codename Alchemist represents only the beginning. The company promised to reveal more about its services roadmap, software, and silicon shortly.

Various ways to play

Intel pointed out on its website that Intel Arc graphics Alchemist SoCs will be available on desktop computers and add-in cards. In addition, they will be available in notebooks. The global partners of Intel are major market players, such as Samsung, HP, Asus, Acer, Clevo, Gigabyte, Lenovo, Dell, to name a few.

When will Intel Arc be released?

One of the biggest questions everyone keeps asking is when Intel Arc will be released. When Intel announced the news about Intel Arc, the company said that: the product would be launched in the first quarter of 2022. Even though we hoped it would become available by March, it seems that won’t be the case. A while ago, Intel removed Q1 from their website, leaving only the information that Intel Arc is coming in 2022. For now, there is no clear information on when exactly the new graphics solution will see the light of the day. It is a disappointment for all the gamers who impatiently wait for the card to come out. Hopefully, there will be some news on the release date soon.

What about the price?

There is no information about the price, only a few speculations. Some predictions say that the Performance model may cost around $600, and the Premium one may go up to around $750. According to the speculations, Intel Arc will be pretty expensive, but there is no official confirmation about the price. All this remains to be seen.  

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