These are the best Solitaire games to play on your mobile

Nowadays you don’t have to crawl behind a computer or clean up the kitchen table to play Solitaire. You can play 24/7, anywhere you are, just on your mobile. Not every Solitaire game works equally well on a mobile device, which is why we have listed the three best mobile games for you in this article. It does not matter whether you have an iOS device or an Android, these games work on any mobile device and also look amazing!

Solitaire Windows

Solitaire Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular solitaire games on mobile. It is a mobile version of the popular Microsoft Windows Solitaire PC game for ages. This one has a lot of extras. It includes the regular Klondike game along with FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid. Each game has its own set of options. You can define the difficulty and change the color of the cards. The game also includes daily and weekly challenges but has a paid subscription if you want to play all games. In exchange for an advertisement from time to time, the game can also be played for free.

Vegas Solitaire

We saved the best for last. Did you know that you can even win money by playing solitaire? Vegas Solitaire is a game where you get paid for each card you place at the foundation. It’s the casino version of Solitaire. Besides the beautiful design and interesting, yet easy-to-understand gameplay, Vegas Solitaire millions of players daily. There is even a free version of the game available where you play with “play money”. After placing an initial bet, you will need to play eleven cards to the foundation to break even. Each following card is pure profit.  Vegas Solitaire can not be found in land-based casinos, but it is available for both Android and iOS users. On the Vegas Solitaire website, you will find instructions, the best strategies, tips and tricks, and even the history of Vegas Solitaire.

Spider Solitaire Beach Resort

You may know Ziango from classic solitaire games with a retro design, but the developer also releases solitaire games with a modern twist. Spider Solitaire Beach Resort is a beautiful game with a lot of fun content. Not only does the game look beautiful on your mobile screen, but it is also very easy to play on mobile. (getzonedup.com) Finally, you can also play the games offline, so that you can continue playing even if you are out of range for a while.

Tripeaks Solitaire Garden

Ziango Gaming has once again struck gold with Tripeaks Solitaire Garden. Tripeaks Solitaire is already a great solitaire game, but a nice gardening theme makes this game even more fun. There are different game variants, so you can often play a different game and because of the story mode, this game will keep challenging you. Tripeak Solitaire Garden, like the other games, is released in HTML5 format so you can play the game on any mobile device. Gardening has never been so much fun!

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