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The World’s Most Unusual Online Casino Games

The application of new gaming technology within the gambling industry has led to the development of unique online casino games with enhanced gambling features for casino players. Thanks to these awesome gaming technologies, players can now enjoy casino games with slick graphics and cool user interfaces.

In a bid to provide better service, game providers continue to release new casino games aimed at satisfying and improving the experience of gamblers. However, some of these games have turned out to become unorthodox when compared with other casino games.

Here, we will list some of the most unusual games developed for casino play.


The Dreidel game is closely connected with Hanukkah, a popular Jewish holiday. This unusual gambling game share several similarities with casino dice games. For example, the game is played using a four-sided spinning top called a dreidel.

Dreidel is a fairly simple game to learn. At the start of gameplay, all wagers are placed in a betting pot. Usually, the betting pot is placed at the centre of the table to ensure transparency.

After collecting all bets, each player is allowed to spin the dreidel once. The amount of returns players will receive is dependent on the position the Drediel lands. In some cases, the bets from the pot are split among players. However, at other times, one player wins the whole pot.  When the pot is won, the next betting round will commence.

Four Hebrew letters are inscribed into each side of the dreidel and each of these words has the following interpretations:

  • Nun: This word literally means “nothing,” thereby indicating that players will not receive anything when they land this side.
  • Gimel: This word literally means “everything,” thereby indicating that players receive everything when they land this side.
  • Hey – This word literally means “Half,” thereby indicating that players will receive half of the pot when they land this side.
  • Shin – This word literally means “Put In” thereby indicating that players must put in an extra bet to strengthen the pot.

Rodent roulette – Global

Rodent roulette has existed for years, but it still remains an unusual casino game. This weird casino game has also been described as mouse roulette or the rat race roulette. You can register with the Zodaic Casino to enjoy seamless and quality online roulette games.

The game is played on an altered roulette wheel. At the start of gameplay, a mouse, or a rat is released onto the altered roulette will and players are allowed to bet on the likely hole the mouse will select. Players will receive an instant payout if the mouse ends up in the hole they bet on.

This casino game has caused a lot of controversy over the past few decades regarding animal cruelty and exploitation. A few activists felt the game took things too far, so they staged protests at casinos and at venues where rodent roulette was being played.

Currently, this gambling option is available in the live dealer section of some online casinos. Without a doubt, this casino game offers an unusual gambling experience when compared to other live casino games.

War – Global

War is one of the simplest and the most common casino games around today. Commonly played by children, this card game has been introduced to young children due to its simple laws.

Today, casino war has been adapted and offered as an online casino card game. In casino war, the objective of players is to have a better card than the dealer. There can be up to eight players and the game is played using a standard 52-card deck. Additionally, casino war has a different house edge in comparison to other table games.

In terms, of its betting options, this card game features an optional tie bet used for establishing the winner after a round of gameplay.

There are many other types of unusual online casinos games. Some of them include Birdsong – Belgium, Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken – Atlantic City, New Jersey, Fan-tan – China to name a few. To enjoy the best casino games, join the Zodiac Casino.

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