The Smartphone as the Future of Gaming

The experience of playing games with the full power of your gaming PC or on your favorite console is hard to beat. Yet, neither is the most selected device for playing games. Despite its much lower status, the smartphone is the device most people use for gaming. Could it be that smartphones are the future of gaming?

A Practical and Convenient Device

The smartphone is a natural part of most people’s everyday lives. We use them in many aspects of our days, and, to some extent, most people use them as a tool for entertainment. For example, many smartphone users play games on their mobile devices. It can be anything from classics such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds to casino games, which are becoming increasingly common to play directly on the phone.

One of the reasons many prefer the phone when playing mobile games and at casinos online is because of how convenient it is. We can obviously take our mobile phones with us everywhere and in a different way than we can with our computers. Today, most games are also optimized for the phone. 

Specifically, we have noticed mobile-friendly games in the casino market where they want to make everything as smooth as possible for their customers. This applies to the gaming experience itself, but also to everything around it, such as registrations and payment methods. 

The same is true with payouts, as betting sites nowadays (here you find a few examples https://www.casinoadvisers.com/fast-payout-casinos/) push harder on how fast they have become. 

The fact that the practicality of our mobile devices has become an integral part of our gaming and gambling experience online (through in-game payments, communication, logging and sharing data, etc.) is one of the arguments behind the possibility of phones becoming the future of gaming. 

Another argument is its popularity.

Most Gamers Use Smartphones

Despite the superior processing power and overall experience that PC and gaming consoles provide, far more people use their smartphones to play games.

According to statistics from late 2021, more than 68% of internet users play games on their smartphones, which is vastly more than the approximately 37% who are gaming on their laptops or desktops. Gaming consoles are the third most popular device, used to play games by just below 26% of internet users.

A logical explanation for the dominance of smartphone gaming is the sheer number of devices in the world. Some estimations suggest that over 80% of the global population owns a smartphone. Considering how many devices are in circulation and how many cheap or free games are available, it makes sense that smartphones have become the most used device for playing games.  

Smartphone Gaming is Here to Stay…

The popularity of gaming on smartphones should, however, not be credited entirely to the number of devices and mobile games in the world. As our smartphones have become more powerful, the games have become more advanced, and during the last couple of years, mobile games have risen in status among gamers.

We only need to look at the world of e-sports to realize the merit of smartphone games today. A few years back, mobile games were barely heard of when discussing e-sports. Looking at it today, several games for mobile devices rank among those with the most players, most official tournaments, and the most prize money. Games like PUGB Mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift both rank in the top five among this year’s games with the largest total prize pool.

…But Not to Replace Other Devices

Weighing the number of smartphone users with the rising status of mobile games, pointing to the smartphone as the future of gaming would be easy. However, predicting the future of gaming is obviously not that simple.

Although mobile gaming arguably is here to stay, we have learned throughout the history of gaming that new methods of gaming don’t necessarily replace old ones. Many things suggest that smartphone gaming will continue to grow, but few suggest it will be at the expense of PC and console gaming.

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