The right software for non Gamstop betting

We are always given options in life. Every week, when the weekend approaches and our favorite athletic events begin to roll in, we ponder whether to wager or not to bet.

During gambling sessions, many gamblers end up in terrible financial situations. Should I keep playing the game? Should I stop now? Should I forbid myself from going to my preferred gambling websites? We ask ourselves these queries before making rash decisions and registering at Gamstop. Due to betting losses or the simple desire to refrain from gambling, we frequently make drastic decisions. However, there are ways and means to get around Gamstop and find another way to enjoy sports betting not on Gamstop

Let’s discuss the necessary tools and software to get around Gamstop.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop offers any gamblers who want to self-exclude from UK-based gambling sites a free self-exclusion solution. You can choose a 6-month, 1-year, or 5-year program, a free service for anyone struggling with gambling addiction. You won’t be able to view or play at gambling websites using UK servers during this time.

You must physically call the Gamstop team to assert your case if you want to try to reverse your Gamstop self-exclusion program. A flood of questions will be directed at you, and it may not always be able to reverse your self-exclusion. This does not imply that there are no workarounds for Gamstop, as you can still gamble at international sites outside the UK. Many gamblers are unaware that since gamstop is exclusively integrated into UK-based websites, playing at online non-UK sites is not subject to any limitations.

What software do you need to bypass Gamstop restrictions?

If you do some research, you’ll find that circumventing gambling restrictions is not difficult. Although navigating getting around Gamstop is simple and doesn’t require any software or equipment. Here are crypto betting sites.

Visit Non-UK Gambling Sites 

Gambling sites in the UK holding a UKGC gambling license must have Gamstop incorporated. Visit non-UK gambling sites to circumvent Gamstop and start betting as a result. There are no restrictions on your play when you visit offshore gambling sites because you are outside the UK’s gaming jurisdiction.

However, we advise you to look into the site’s reputation and licensing before seeking another gaming destination. The only places that can ensure responsible gambling and player safety are those that are regulated, so only register and play there.

Bypassing Gambling Restrictions with a VPN

A VPN is one of the essential tools you need to get around the gaming industry (Virtual Private Network) By investing in a VPN; you will be able to connect to servers that are situated elsewhere, making it possible for you to access banned gaming sites.

Many nations have strong gambling laws and forbid gambling among their inhabitants. Bypassing these restrictions with a VPN and securing your identity with SSL encryption will allow you to access non-Gamstop betting sites and have a fantastic time gambling.

Before beginning your gambling session, choose the best VPN recommendation among the numerous available online and install it on your desktop or mobile device.

A cryptocurrency wallet 

The possibility to deposit and play with cryptocurrency is one of the benefits of using non-Gamstop betting sites. Traditional casinos require you to deposit money through credit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets, whereas international sites outside the UK focus only on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Using cryptocurrency in gaming creates new opportunities for a more robust security system. Your payments will be further secured by breaking into codes for all transactions and withdrawals, rendering your nonstop gambling untraceable.

Players who wish to play with their Bitcoins frequently visit Bitcoin casinos. After completing that procedure, open a Bitcoin account and deposit money before choosing your next Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin Casinos are very popular among punters who want to play with their Bitcoins. Open a Bitcoin account and deposit before looking for your next Bitcoin Casino. Following that, you can go to your preferred non-Gamstop site and begin using Bitcoins to wager on online casino games and sports.

If the above does not work, land-based is the solution

We’ve covered what it takes to play fast on non-gamstop sites, but if the above doesn’t meet your needs, there are other options. You can always visit land-based gambling sites and play your most treasured casino games. Here you can play both slots and your favourite table games live. Many gambling sites accept players over 18, but some land-based casinos have a strict policy to be over 25. Always read the entry guidelines before heading to your nearest casino.

Ask yourself, why did you register to Gamstop in the first place?

Before you lose your mind over your Gamstop self-exclusion and the need to find non-Gamstop gambling sites, consider why you felt the need to register with Gamstop in the first place. We often regard a Gamstop registration as a mistake, but in reality, self-exclusions save our lives when we need them the most.

It is acceptable to look for ways and means to avoid Gamstop if your registration resulted from a hasty decision, but not if gambling addiction is looming over your head. If you feel you have lost control over the amount of money you are spending on gambling, you can also seek the help you need. If a Gamstop subscription is not enough, you can explore counseling and professional people to guide you in your journey. It is not the end of the world, but seeking non Gamstop gambling sites is not the solution sometimes. 

There are many ways to bypass Gamstop betting sites in the United Kingdom, but the most important is having a solid internet connection. What are we nowadays without the internet? Gamle safely at all times, and enjoy the thrills only gambling gives!

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