The PS5 was the 2nd Best-Selling Console in the UK, Beating the PS4 and Xbox One

As per the hardware sales figures of 2020, Sony’s PS5 console was the second most popular game console in the UK, second to only the Nintendo Switch, beating its predecessor, the PS4 despite being out for less than a couple of months. Overall, 3.16 million consoles were sold in the UK last year which is an increase of roughly 30% over 2019. The top spot was unsurprisingly claimed by the Nintendo Switch that 52% more units than the previous year. (comp.utm)

The second position was held by the PS5, beating the PS4 by a small margin despite being in very limited supply. The sales figures for the PS4 and Xbox One were down 35% and 42%, respectively compared to the last year.

In terms of the game sales, as per consoles, the PS4 was easily the most successful platform, accounting for 37.4% of all games sold (via retail) in the UK in 2020. The Nintendo Switch, once again, performed quite well coming in at a close second with 35% of all sales.

If you consider the digital only sales, the PS4 held 41% of the total market while the Xbox One sold nearly half as much at 26%. However, it’s important to note that these figures don’t include the downloads via the Xbox Game Pass, so it’s not that accurate. Furthermore, the digital figures for the Nintendo Switch are also missing.



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