The PS5 DualSense Controller Works on PC, xCloud as well as Android

PS5’s DualSense controller seems to be working on PC, xCloud as well as Android. In an unboxing video by Austin Evans, he showcased the next-gen controller from Sony:

The new gamepad is slightly bigger than than the DS4 for the PS4, with a more modern and streamlined build. However, it didn’t work with the PS4 Pro, in wireless or wired mode. In comparison, the new Xbox gamepads are backward compatible with both the Xbox One and One X.

Surprisingly, the controller worked with both a Google Pixel 5 smartphone as well as on MS’s xCloud streaming service on the same device. He also tried connecting it to an Xbox Series X, and although the console did recognize it as an Xbox controller, it ultimately didn’t work.

Furthermore, the new DualSense controller also works on PC. Evans connected it to an MS Surface notebook (via a wire) and all its functions worked normally.


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