The PS4 Pro and Slim, followed by the Switch were the Most Popular Consoles in Russia in 2020

With the year 2020 coming to an end, we have the sales figures coming in for different hardware. The most interesting ones are the ones representing the popularity of different game consoles across various countries. Today, we have the sales numbers for the Russian market which are a bit unexpected.

In Russia, the most popular console was the PS4 Pro, followed by the PS4 Slim and the Nintendo Switch at #3. The standard PS4 came in at #4 while the Xbox One X was the highest-ranked XB console at #5.

Traditionally, demand for consoles from Sony is higher, since there are many more PlayStation users in Russia. Moreover, the new generation consoles promise backward compatibility and more exclusives. However, according to my forecasts, due to the profitable game subscription model and cross-platform compatibility, the new generation set-top boxes from Microsoft will be in greater demand than the previous-generation set-top boxes.

Kirill Rodin, Yandex Market Analyst

Overall, 63% of Russians choose a Sony console while only 21% decided to go with an Xbox. Nintendo got around 16% of the total sales. As per analysts, the demand for Sony’s consoles has been much higher in Russia over the years. However, with the introduction of the GamePass subscription and xCloud streaming service, demand for Microsoft’s products is expected to be much higher this year. Pro tip: Some PS4 users experience error codes when first starting the console, in that case, we recommend reading this great article on fixing PS4 Error ce-34878-0.



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