The Power of Modern Smartphones

IBM created the first smartphone in the 1990s. It was called Simon and reported when every 50,000 units were sold. But it wasn’t until after the turn of the century when a mobile phone could connect to the internet. These were the days of Nokia when most of us would rather not use mobile data to keep the bill in check.

And then came the Steve Jobs era and 2007 when the first iPhone was released. With that came the abundance of smartphone apps, faster internet, pristine cameras, and so on. But where are we right now? What sort of power do the latest smartphones boast?

The Capabilities of the Latest Smartphones

By taking a look at the latest smartphones to hit the market, we can guess where these devices are heading and what they will be able to achieve. 

1. 5G Connectivity

5G has yet to be rolled out to everyone, and those smart cities we were promised don’t seem to be around the corner. But some smartphones already have 5G connectivity, and these come invaluable when playing games or streaming content. If you are a gamer who owns a 5G phone and likes a flutter, you might want to download a mobile casino app and enjoy live dealer games that play smooth.

2. Exceptional Battery Life

Battery life is usually a topic of complaint among buyers, but we tend to forget how demanding most modern games are. Some models are now equipped with up to a 5,000 mAh battery– usually found on LG and Samsung flagships- which is more than enough for most users to stay fuelled for over 24 hours of heavy use.

3. Sleek Accessories

Sometimes it is not just about what the smartphone offers, but what type of accessories it comes with. Many of the best smartphones will not come with earphones, and you may be lucky enough to grab a pair of wireless earbuds with some models. Stylus pens are another accessory that consumers appreciate right now.

4. Professional Cameras

Owning a great device with a high-quality camera has never been so crucial for the present generation. Snapping shots, uploading to Instagram, and creating vlog content is all the rage right now. And thankfully, the latest smartphones can cater to even the most demanding photography needs. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is arguably the best of the bunch right now.

5. Memory and Storage

If you don’t need a lot of memory from your smartphone, there is no need to pay extra for it. But if you need the memory for a lot of photography, videography, and other media, there are a few models to look out for in 2021. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus can have up to a whopping 512GB with 2GB RAM. This is more than anyone should ever need from a smartphone – and it could wipe out your need to own a laptop.

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