The Nintendo Switch was the Best-Selling Console in the US last Month

The video game hardware market grew by a massive 144% in January 2020, crossing the $300 million mark for the first time since 2011. This is the money spent during the month of January since the last-gen consoles were launch in late 2013. Ironically though, the Nintendo Switch was the most sold console in the US last month. However, the PS5 did still pull in the most revenue due to its higher selling price.

The Nintendo Switch sales figures were the highest than any other console for the month of January since the Wii in 2010. Similarly, the PS5 brought in the most revenue for the first month of the year since the Wii launch in Jan 2009.

Unfortunately, no data was provided regarding the sales of the Xbox Series X|S, but considering that the supply for both the newly launched consoles was very limited, it’d be safe to say that the figures are going to be skewed either way. Related:


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