The Nintendo Switch Sells Nearly 80 Million Units, Beating the 3DS, Wii & PS4

According to the latest figures, the Nintendo Switch has sold a whopping 79.87 million hardware units, beating the 3DS and the Wii after 48 months of sales. Out of the 79.87 million units sold, 66.34 million units were of the standard Switch console while the remaining 13.53 million units were of the Lite variant. The Switch is now the second most sold console from Nintendo, second to only the NDS which sold 83 million units in the first 48 months. (Ambien

The Wii comes in second with a total of 75 million units and the 3DS was pegged at 50 million units after 49 months of sales. The 3DS has sold a total of 75.95 million units over the last 10 years since its launch, still a fair bit less than the Switch.

Looking at the chart above, it appears that the Switch is on its way to overtake the NDS in the next 6-12 months.

Compared to Sony and Microsoft’s platforms, the Switch once again comes up on top. During its first 48 months, the PS4 sold 67 million units while the PS2 ended up slightly ahead with 69.5 million. That’s still around 10 million units less than the Switch in the same time frame.

Like most consoles, the Switch has enjoyed rather prolific Q3s over the last 4-5 years with close to 10 million units sold during the quarter each year. In recent years, the launch of the Switch Lite has further bolstered the Q3 sales, pushing the total over the 11 million mark.



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