The Nintendo Switch Pro: Here’s What We Know

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: is the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro finally on the horizon? Yes… and no. ‘No’ in that it still hasn’t been confirmed, and ‘yes’ in that there’s been an exceptional amount of leaks for a product that’s never officially been given the green light.

Despite the fact we still can’t say for sure that it’s happening, the latest reports indicate that the Nintendo Switch Pro could be set for release within the year – more precisely, by March 2022. That seems to match its accidental confirmation by Steven V. Abramson, the CEO of Universal Display Corp. 

So, what can we expect from the product’s hardware if this much-vaunted release does eventually happen? Here’s what our sources suggest.

Is a Nintendo Switch Pro needed?

Before we move onto its reported specs, there’s a more pressing question that needs an answer: is the Nintendo Switch Pro likely to happen i.e. is it even needed? While that depends on who you ask, consensus suggests there is a call for a superior product to enter the market. That’s partly down to the evolution of smartphones.

What do smartphones have to do with it, we hear you ask. Well, the regular Switch, while being perfectly competent, now has hardware that’s technically weaker than that found in mobiles. This wouldn’t be such an issue if it weren’t for mobile gaming, which is increasingly growing in popularity.

This makes smartphones a bonafide competitor for Nintendo’s products. The popularity of this new sector is evidenced not only by the number of gaming app downloads but by the surge in mobile casino gaming too.

This is now so widely played that entire review sites have sprung up, which are solely dedicated to vetting these products and providing comparisons. If you try this page on Spin Casino, for example, you’ll see there is an awful lot of commentary on mobile gaming and compatibility.

What features can you expect to see?

So, assuming the Nintendo Switch Pro is on the cards, what can you expect to see from its hardware? Here’s what we’re hearing on the grapevine.

4K visuals

This one seems a little farfetched on first stumbling across it. After all, the current model is hard-pressed to hit 1080p with certain titles, so the thought of a new iteration supporting 4K seems markedly unrealistic.

Nonetheless, this is a rumor that keeps being repeated, suggesting there may be something to it. Certainly, a leaked report reveals that developers have been instructed to make their titles 4K ready.   

How Nintendo will manage this is anyone’s guess, but a March 2021 report did suggest that 4K visuals would only be available when the device is docked.

An OLED display

Another rumor that’s been doing the rounds is that the Nintendo Switch Pro may feature an OLED display. A prominent manufacturer of the tech, Universal Display Corp, is the source of this one. According to them, this feature has been chosen due to its higher contrast and improved response time.

Better power efficiency

We know Nintendo only recently rolled out a ‘sleeper’ update to its standard hardware, using an improved Tegra X1 chip to enhance power efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and increase battery life.

If a Pro model is released, it’s likely that this – or a more refined version of it – will appear again. While some believe the primary aim will be to boost power, others suggest greater efficiency will be the real goal. This will allow the developer to keep using a version of its current chip so it’s able to avoid compatibility issues with existing Switch games.  

Alternatively, Nintendo could make use of new custom Nvidia processors to do the job instead.  

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