The new BenQ SW321C Monitor has Crazy Wide Color Gamut

Good news for photographers and other users looking for a moderately priced professional monitor. BenQ recently announced its 32-inch SW321C as a value option for just this segment. And the best part? You don’t even have to pay separately for the stand.

The display features a 10-bit IPS panel with a 3840×2160 resolution running at 60 Hz. This is great if you have deep color design requirements. The panel features a rather dim 250-nit max brightness. While it technically supports HDR, the backlight just isn’t bright enough to do HDR content any justice. You do get an LED backlight array for uniform lighting across the panel, though.

In terms of color accuracy, you get 100 percent sRGB coverage, 95 percent DCI-P3, and 99 percent Adobe RGB coverage, again making this panel a great option for artists, photographers, and designers. We don’t know how BenQ plans to price this monitor. As a professional-grade display, it will likely hit the low four figures. Then again, you won’t be paying as much as for that fancy new Apple XDR panel. The SW321C is expected to release in Spring 2020 and is already listed by BenQ Japan. However, considering the current COVID-19 situation, it’s hard to tell when we’ll see this unit arrive in international markets.


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