The Most Popular Video Games Students Play in 2021

Video games have been around us for several decades. These games are the sort of entertainment that everyone has experienced at least one time in our lives. As time passed, these games evolved to a great extent just as write my essay services did. Below is some information about some of the best new video games of 2021.

Origin Of Video Games

Video games have been around us longer than we think. Before all the evolution of technology, these games were played on a lower level of tech. As time passed, these video games evolved to such an extent that they became addictive. The history of video games is somewhat complicated because there are several claims about where they first originated. However, If not the place, the time when video games were made is confirmed. These entertainment applications were developed between nineteen-fifties and nineteen sixties. Computer scientists first started designing simple simulations as a trial product to see whether these video games were a success. Fortunately, they were!

After a short amount of time, video games gained a high demand all over the world. Seeing that video games were wanted all over the globe, scientists quickly started working on building gaming consoles—for instance, Atari, arcade boxes, PlayStations, etc. These gaming consoles were one of the top products that were making huge sales compared to any other product. Some of the best video games were played on these consoles, for instance,

  • Pac-man
  • Pong
  • Space invaders
  • Missile commando
  • Asteroids
  • Centipede
  • Video pinball series
  • Tekken
  • Resident evil
  • Call of duty

However, this kind of gaming did not last long because people wanted more, and of course, technology kept evolving. Moreover, these gaming consoles were bulkier and were not user-friendly, so it was inconvenient for people to buy such large things just for entertainment purposes. Luckily, as time passed, scientists shifted the platform of video gaming to microprocessors known as computers today. After this change, it became more accessible for people to play their trending video games easily whenever they wanted. But, unluckily, this change resulted in addiction, and people, especially students, wasted a significant amount of time playing. This problem is still in action to this very day, ruining children’s academia and health. So, if you are in one of these situations and are missing on your school assignments like essays, you can always ask for help to write your argumentative essay online.

Most Popular Video Games

If you are a person who keeps themselves updated on the latest trending video games, then you would probably know a lot about the hottest video games in twenty-twenty-one at the moment. However, if you are unaware of such updates, do not worry, as we have come up with some of the top five trending games at the moment written below,

  • Call of Duty Warzone – One of the most popular game in the world is Call of duty. Although the Call of duty series is entirely a delight to play, the warzone part of this game is entirely on a different level. Each game in this series is as good as the next one. However, the latest released game of Call of duty warzone is the most liked of them all over the globe. The battle royale feature in this game is one of the main reasons people like this game so much. The thrill of competing against real online enemies and fighting in the gulag as a second chance of surviving after your death makes this game one of the best. Apart from that, the latest guns, ammunition, and different kinds of artillery make this game attractive and engaging to a great extent. No wonder teens are wasting the precious time of their life on this game instead of going outside and socializing!
  • Grand Theft Auto V– Like the game mentioned above, Grand theft auto five has somewhat of the same story. Grand theft auto has a whole series of games with different parts in it. Each piece of the series is a hit among people, especially children. However, the fifth part of Grand theft auto is totally on a different level. (cialis) The graphics, the cinematography, the gameplay, and the story makes this game one of the most popular video games right now. If you are a person into the genre of a free-world game where you interact with non-player characters and complete missions, then this is the game for you. Apart from that, the high-definition graphics and the authentic look make this game one of the most played games of all time.
  • League of Legends – League of legends, commonly known as LOL, is one of the best games of all time. However, this game is not famous among every other gamer because of its genre. If you are into the strategy-playing genre, then this game is the one for you. Apart from that, the characters in this game installed by its developers are out of this world. Not many people might indeed be fans of this kind of game because of its complexity, but once you get the gist of it, you can not resist playing more of it. However, there is only one drawback of this game, time consumption. Even if you just play a single match of this game, it would easily take at least one to one and a half hours of your day.
  • Apex Legends – If you judge a game by its cool features, then this game should be on your top of the list to play. Apex Legends is a game where you have about eight characters to play with. Each of these characters possesses different kinds of powers from which you can win the game. However, this game requires a significant amount of skill. So, don’t be disheartened if you can’t win on your initial try.
  • Fortnite – Fortnite is a game popular among several teens and unpopular among adults. This game is far from reality and played against different online players. If you are into the genre of battle royale and the last man surviving wins, then this is the one from you.

Video Games Gaining Fame Day by Day

As shocking as it may seem, but video games are growing popular at an exponential rate day by day. People, especially youth, are becoming addicts to playing video games at least twice a day. From playing ten to twenty minutes a day, people started to waste their whole day playing video games. Luckily, with the growing fame of video games, you can now build a career in it. So, if you are a hardcore gamer and are unemployed, you can easily make money playing video games by entering into tournaments and winning them!

Although video games are pretty popular, it does not mean that they are quite beneficial. On the contrary, you can be subjected to several fatal diseases by spending several hours in front of the gaming screen. So, it would help if you kept a balanced routine so that your fun doesn’t turn into harmful consequences.

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