The differences between traditional casinos and Bitcoin casinos

Picking an online casino involves a lot of thought. Game variety, software developers and RTP percentages should all be considered, but one factor that outweighs the rest would be the payment method options.

Without a payment method that suits you, the casino is redundant. Researching deposit and withdrawal options has never been so important, especially with cryptocurrency casinos on the rise, such as Metaspin.

Bitcoin casinos and fiat casinos have many similarities, but don’t get them confused. The few differences between them will change your online playing experience. So, are you ready to investigate the critical characteristics of each casino?

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Key differences between crypto casinos and standard casinos

Next time you’re scouting the web for a new online casino, remember these distinctions. It could save you time and stress when signing up!


Casino security isn’t something to ignore. But who offers more security? Traditional casinos or their DeFi counterparts?

Typically, as long as an online casino has current and relevant licensing, you can trust them to keep your banking details and personal information a secret. Encrypted data is a general feature of both types of casinos. However, if you feel uncomfortable revealing your confidential information to the casino, you should skip traditional iGaming websites.

If security and safety are top priorities, Bitcoin casinos might be the way to go. Cryptocurrency casinos guarantee the privacy of your data. Here, you transfer your Bitcoin to a specific address without revealing your data, making them secure, private and straightforward.


You can easily find Bitcoin and traditional online casinos with a quick Google search. But let’s face it, conventional online casinos heavily outweigh the number of cryptocurrency casinos right now. Bitcoin is still gaining traction in the mainstream media, so this isn’t surprising.

Since Bitcoin options are still gaining traction, they’re not quite the go-to option yet. This means you’ll have less choice when choosing a platform to play on. If variety of choice is your game, you’ll have more luck browsing traditional casinos.

Do note that many traditional casinos are slowly adopting cryptocurrencies as an additional payment method. Next time you’re browsing, check the casino’s ‘Payments’ page, just in case. 

Bonuses and promotions

What’s your favorite casino bonus? Are you a no-deposit fan? Or do you prefer a handful of free spins? Bitcoin and fiat online casinos offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions, so there’s no skimping on this feature.

However, the offers available aren’t identical. Of course, Bitcoin casino promotions will be based in cryptocurrency, and fiat casino bonuses will be in your local currency. However, Bitcoin casino promotions also tend to be more generous.

Bonuses and promotions vary from provider to provider, so don’t use this as a rule of thumb. Always double-check the offer terms and conditions before playing. Checking twice never hurt anyone!

Payment speeds

Imagine you win a lucrative jackpot… and then have to wait five to eight business days for your winnings withdrawal to be processed. Not an ideal payment time.

Withdrawal speeds vary from one payment method to another, but Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly faster than the main traditional casino options. With crypto casinos, you can start playing minutes after depositing, so there’s no time wasted here.

On the other hand, traditional casino methods can take hours or even days. Players are left waiting for their cash, which can dampen the fun of the game, which is not ideal.

Typical payment methods in traditional casinos include:

●      Bank transfers

●      PayPal

●      Apple Pay

●      Google Wallet

●      Neteller

●      Skrill

Overall convenience

When it comes to online gambling, convenience is at the top of players’ lists. Who wants to sit around and wait for a slow verification process or scroll through a poorly designed user interface? (Comp.utm.my) In 2022, there’s no time for low-quality casinos.

Both traditional and Bitcoin casinos offer premium user experiences thanks to expert programmers. However, when compared, Bitcoin casinos take the cake. These newer and usually more optimized casinos ensure users’ needs are met throughout the playing process.

Plus, thanks to Bitcoin’s decentralized nature, players can log in from anywhere in the world. These casinos don’t discriminate based on currency or location. If your state approves of online gambling, it’s time to play.

The takeaway

So, where will you be logging in today?

Whether you’re a traditional casino regular or a Bitcoin-only player, evaluating the differences between your options is essential. Always research potential casinos thoroughly to ensure you know what you’re signing up for. Before jumping in, check through licensing, player reviews and payment variety. Safe gambling is better gambling.

Which casino suits you? Let us know in the comments.

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