The Best Ryzen 7 3700X PC Builds in 2021

AMD processors have been able to grab a massive market share due to their efficiency. When it comes to operational excellence and processor reliability, the AMD Ryzen 3700X has evolved greatly. The gaming beast outperforms many other versions of the processors made by the company in terms of productivity. That said, this guide aims to discuss the best Ryzen 73700X PC Builds in 2021.  

In terms of competition, Ryzen 7 3700X takes on Intel i7 8700k and i7 9700k and beats them nearly on all performance metrics. It is an 8-core CPU with a max boost of  4.4 GHz. Another advantage of utilizing the Ryzen 7 3700 is that it supports multiple RAM and graphics card options, which is yet another plus.

Want to see some real beasts using the Ryzen 3700X? Listed below are the best Ryzen 7 3700X builds that you will ever find on the internet.

1.    The Ultimate Gaming PC Build

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htggNLroWR4

The first on our list is a monster gaming PC build designed by Zach’s Tech Turf. The machine combines the relentless Ryzen 7 3700X with a high-end ASUS RTX 3070  graphics card for an ultimate gaming experience.

In terms of memory, it utilizes a generous 1 TB MP600 Core SSD from Corsair. The SSD on the system has the capacity of offering 4700 MB frequency per second. As far as RAM is concerned, the PC boasts a highly efficient Crucial Ballistix 2*8 GB memory.

To achieve the highest possible power efficiency, the device utilizes a modular PSU C650 from NZXT that boasts an efficiency score of more than 80. Other things included in the machine are as follows:

CaseAntec FluxDF700
CPU CooleriCue H100i Elite Cappellix from Corsair
MotherboardASRock X570 PG Velocita

Performance Benchmarks

Performance benchmarks are a true reflection of the quality of any gaming PC build. The following are the details of the performance benchmarks of this gaming PC.

Benchmark/GamesSettingsFrames Per Second/Score
Port Royal————–8352
3D Mark Time Spy————–12853
Valorant1440p, ultra settings215
Call of Duty1440p, medium settings124
Valheim1440p, High settings86
Borderlands1440p, ultra settings85
Rainbow six siege1440p, ultra settings290
CS Go1440p, High settings257

After carefully observing the performance benchmarks, it is evident that this gaming PC build is remarkably reliable and efficient.

2.    The Incredible Yellow Machine

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgfO4QZQiK4

Here is yet another computer utilizing the Ryzen 7 3700X CPU with impressive performance metrics. A YouTuber Joe Delgado combines the Ryzen 3700 X CPU with a high-end Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro to see the results.

Performance stats for the combination are impeccable for multiple games. But, before proceeding to its efficiency on games, let’s discuss some key system specs:

The system utilizes a highly efficient Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 with a dedicated VRAM of 8 GB for an outstanding graphics experience. When it comes to the motherboard, Joe utilizes AM 4 TUF Gaming X-570 plus from ASUS.

This gaming motherboard offers built-in wifi and Bluetooth. The addition of a wifi antenna in the package further enhances the desirability of this motherboard.

Coming to the memory side, the system contains a 1 TB M2 SSD from WB that combines with a 16 GB vengeance RGB RAM from Corsair for relentless functionality. Like the previous one, it also utilizes 120 mm fans coupled with a heat sink for dependable heat management.

The RM 750X power supply, boasting an efficiency score of 80+ from Corsair, perfects the entire build with its top-notch design.  As far as the body is concerned, the system uses a 303 ATX case from InWin.

Gaming Performance

When it comes to Ryzen 7 3700X builds, the real test lies in the performance of high-end gaming titles. Joe tests the performance on multiple games with ultra settings and 1080p resolution, the system does not show any lag. The following are the games he played without any sign of lag:

  • Call of Duty
  • CSGO
  • Halo Reach
  • Overwatch
  • Apex Legends
  • Pavlov VR
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG- My favorite
  • Rainbow Six Siege R6S

3.    An Affordable All-Rounder Build

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2R00SPZ3uU&t=8s

The next system comes from the YouTube channel PC Centric. Unlike the previous two, this computer is made keeping in view the users with an average budget. The significant changes we see in the system revolve around the motherboard which combines well with a Corsair 220T case.

The system utilizes an X-570 A pro motherboard from MSI that is economical in its price, yet outstanding in its performance. Like any other high-end motherboard, it can accommodate a number of PCIe, SSDs, and RGB headers. Additionally, it is convenient for easy handling as its size is neither too large nor too small.

But, unlike other expensive builds, it lacks a USB Type-C header on the front. Still, the one at the back is sufficient for a regular user. Let’s take a serious look at some key components of the build.

Like the previous one, you will find a standard 16 GB Vengeance RGB Pro RAM from Corsair. However, a 1 TB SSD from Samsung, 970 EVO plus, changes the game in terms of responsiveness and faster bootup.

Let’s discuss some performance benchmarks of the system for a more clear idea of what to expect from the machine.

Performance Benchmarks

Games1080p Ultra Presets1440p Ultra Presets4k Ultra Presets
Apex Legends13210551
Battlefield V1098044
Shadow of TR1097235

Given the stats of performance indicators in multiple resolutions settings, it is evident that it is a very suitable machine for 1080p. Stats, however, gradually decrease as the resolution setting is increased.

All things considered, the product is a reliable one if 4K resolution isn’t a priority for you.  

4.    The Editing Beast

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPF5W0n3gf4

The last on our list of the best Ryzen 7 3700X PC Builds in 2021 is the system designed by a YouTuber, Camilo Castaneda. It’s truly an editing beast, given the hardware setup of the machine.

The computer combines Ryzen 7 with a highly efficient GPU, GTX 1660 Ti, from MSI for seamless editing on software such as Premiere Pro. like the previous one, it runs the same X 570 motherboard from MSI.

In terms of memory, Camilo utilizes a highly efficient 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM from Corsair. Editing 4k videos is easy thanks to the high RAM capacity on the system! It also complements the performance of the 500 GB SSD Samsung EVO plus that enhances the responsiveness of the system.

Other components of the system are as follows:

  • H510 computer case from NZXT
  • A 600W PSU from EVGA
  • Cooling fans

All in all, Camilo’s setup makes the perfect choice for people looking for a top-notch editing PC build. It is possible to edit a stunning video with any software, including Adobe Premiere, Corel Video Studio, and Final Cut Pro X.

To conclude, these are the best possible choices that you can consider in terms of Ryzen 3700X. In the comments section, let us know what you like the most.