Stay & Play: Why Online Casino Games are Better on a PC

Are you thinking about getting into online casino gaming? There’s a lot to consider when picking your platform, as both mobile and PC play have their pros and cons. But when it comes to casino games specifically, PCs have a few advantages that tip the scales in their favor. Enhanced user experience, an array of options, and better overall performance push PCs forward as a superior choice for casino gamers.

Enhanced User Experience

As of 2020, there were over 1.75 billion gamers in the world who used computers over other platforms. Despite the ever-increasing popularity of mobile gaming, there’s a reason why hardcore players prefer PC. Even though smartphones offer convenience and portability, the user experience on a PC remains unmatched—and that holds true with casino games as much as anything else.

Visually, PC gaming has more to offer than mobile. Whether you prefer to play relaxing table games or more action-packed real money online jackpot games, a casino gaming session simply looks better on a bigger screen. The graphics are more engaging because they’re larger and easier to see so that players don’t have to squint or crane their necks, allowing for increased concentration on the gameplay itself.

The controls on a PC are easier to use because of the bigger surface area. Whereas mobiles are limited to small buttons or touchscreens, PCs have a mouse and keyboard. This makes movements more fluid for the player and allows for a more comfortable experience overall.

More Gaming Options

Not only are computers more comfortable to use, but players have a wider range of casino gaming options on PC as well. Many smartphones simply can’t keep up with the great demand that casino games can require, as most phones have less RAM and storage space than your PC. While you don’t need tons of RAM for casual games, more in-depth options like poker may require it.

Furthermore, most mobile casinos require you to download an app. This can take up a good amount of storage space, and you’re out of luck if your phone can’t host it. Since PCs have more capacity, you’re better off using one if you want access to the full range of casino providers. If you don’t have a PC at all, there’s no need to panic—you can build your own gaming PC for just a few hundred dollars and customize it however you like.

Of course, some casino providers have optimized their mobile apps to make gaming on the go a fun option. But even with the improved performance of these apps, you’re still losing out. Providers often have to limit the games they make available to mobile users to keep their high-quality status, and it’s rare to find a venue that offers the exact same options on a mobile app as they do on a desktop version.

Better Performance

It’s important to acknowledge that, overall, more people play on mobile than on PC, and playing casino games from tablets and smartphones is commonplace. However, most mobile players are interested in hyper-casual gaming to fill their time while out and about. Those looking for quality games and good performance will still gravitate towards PCs.

Because PCs have stronger processors than their mobile counterparts, you’ll find that your computer performs better than your phone when under the gun. Speed is better, graphics are sharper and more consistent, and response times are usually faster when playing on a PC.

Additionally, you’ll generally have a more stable connection when playing at home. If you rely on public WiFi networks while on the go, your latency might increase. If you’re traveling through patches where your network is spotty, you could face sudden connection losses at inopportune moments. Furthermore, mobile gaming tends to drain the battery quite quickly. You generally stay plugged in on a PC, so battery power isn’t an issue.

Not only will you have better performance with PC gaming, but you’ll be able to enjoy multiple games at once. Most mobile apps allow you to play just one game at a time, but you can play various poker tables, partake in tournaments, or enjoy any number of combination sessions from your PC. As long as you’ve got enough RAM and a good attention span, the sky is the limit with PC casino gaming.

What’s the bottom line? Portability is a small sacrifice to make. PC casino gaming offers better performance, a superior user experience, and access to all the gaming options you really want. This makes it a far better choice for serious gamers looking to play for keeps, so don’t hesitate to try it out if you’re struggling with your smartphone.

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