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SSDs Overtake HDDs in Consumer PCs: Now Account for 60% of PCs Shipped

SSDs are now more popular than their mechanical counterparts in the consumer PC market. In the first quarter of 2021, HDDs were shipped with just over 31% of all the PCs sold, while SSDs accounted for close to 60%. The total number of PCs shipped in the first quarter reached 83.93 million units with just 35 million of them featuring HDDs, and the rest leveraging SSDs.

Source: Trendfocus

Seagate continued to be the leading HDD vendor, accounting for 42.9% of the overall HDD market, followed by WD (which includes Hitachi drives) with 36% and Toshiba with the remaining 21%. Interestingly, the presence of HDDs was more prominent in the laptop market compared to desktops. Hard drives accounted for just 23% of the storage market in the desktop space while in the mobile space, they were almost 50% more popular with an overall share of 31.40%. Furthermore, while all three vendors recorded a drop of 7-9% in quarterly revenue in the consumer market, the enterprise market saw a healthy growth of 19%, pretty much canceling the losses.

The increased adoption of SSDs comes as no surprise. As per the latest data shared by BlackBlaze, SSDs have a lower failure rate than HDDs due to a lack of moving components. The introduction of TLC and QLC NAND has significantly reduced the price of SSDs while 3D NAND has allowed for high-capacity drives on par with HDDs.


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