Sony’s PS5 Expected to Sell 120 Million Units, Twice as Much as Xbox Series X

As per sources in the backend supply chain in Taiwan, Sony’s next-gen PS5 console is expected to sell at least 120 million units in the next five years. That’s nearly twice as much compared to the 60-70 million unit figure projected for the Xbox Series X.

With a launch in the last quarter of 2020, the overall shipments for the PS5 are expected to be 10% higher than its predecessor. This is despite the fact that this generation of consoles is expected to have a shorter lifespan of five years instead of seven. Where the PS4 sold has sold around $110 units to date, the PS5 is expected to sell around 120-170 million units worldwide during its 5-year life-span. Sony has already boosted its PS5 sales figure for 2020 to approximately $10 million units for just the first fiscal of its life-cycle.

Although sales for the Xbox Series X are expected to be better compared to the Xbox One, thanks to more powerful hardware and an increase in first party titles, most analysts expect that it’ll still be much lower than its rival. The Xbox One was often outpaced by even Nintendo’s handheld console, the Switch, with sales often being a third or even lesser than the PS4.

It’ll be interesting to see if that changes this generation and if yes, then by much how much. While it’s unlikely that the XSX will beat the PS5 in terms of units sold, it can certainly close the gap to pre-XBO levels.



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