Sony PS5 Sold 3.73 Million Units in 5 Weeks, Xbox Series X|S Sold 2 Million

As the year comes to an end, we have the sales figures of the next-gen consoles for the first five weeks post-launch after which stocks ran dry. Since neither Sony nor MS has shared the official sales figures, these are estimates by VGCharts calculated after consultation with multiple retailers and analysts.

Unsurprisingly, the PS5 leads in the global as well as regional weekly sales, managing an impressive 3.73 million by the fifth week of launch. In comparison, the Xbox Series X|S was only able to reach the 2 million figure in the same time period. Comparing these stats with the launch period of the Nintendo Switch back in 2017, you can see that the handheld console sold slightly better than the Series X|S but failed to catch up to the PS5. It took the Switch 15 weeks to reach the PS5’s 5-week sales figure of 3.73 million.

The Xbox consoles performed the best in the US, with a five-week sales figure of just over a million. While the PS5 still managed to sell more units in the same period (over 1.5 million), the Series X|S was at least able to beat the Switch.

In Europe, the PS5 maintained the largest lead with a 5-week sales figure of 1.3 million, and the Xbox once again lagging behind both the Sony and Nintendo consoles. The Series S|X sold slightly more than 500K units in the EU while the Switch exhibited a sales figure of 600K after its first five weeks of the launch, around 100K more than the Xbox, and roughly half as much as the PS5.

The sales in Japan were dominated by the Switch, with the PS5 barely crossing the 200K mark and the Xbox consoles limited to a paltry 31.6K.



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