Sony PS5 Popularity Surges After September Launch

Although global interest around Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles has been largely balanced over the last few months or so, the former took the lead shortly after the PS5 pre-orders went live.


Starting in August, the PlayStation website held a small lead over Xbox site, but as MS unveiled the design of the XSX, popularity rose by a notch. However, as the PS5 pre-orders went live in early September, the visits to the PS site went through the roof, dropping to normal levels as the Xbox Series X|S launch drew closer. Although, visits to the Xbox site were also much higher than usual during the pre-order period, they weren’t quite able to match that of the PS website.

As both consoles started disappearing from stores, public interest fell to usual levels, with the PS once again gaining a small lead over the Xbox. You can see the detailed breakdown in the above image.


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