Sony PS5 Listed by Amazon France for 499 Euros: Launching on 20th November

The price of Sony’s next-gen PS5 console has once again been spotted, this time on Amazon France for a more reasonable 499 Euros. This is the Standard Edition we’re talking about here that comes with an optical drive. This is a notch lower than the price listed earlier by Asia-Play which was a rather troubling $699 for the Standard Version and $599 for the Digital Version.

Amazon France Listing

Keep in mind that the prices in Europe are slightly lower than in the US due to the currency advantage of the Euro (~100). Therefore, if the price of the PS5 (SE) in Europe turns out to be 499 Euros, the US price will likely be $599 for the same, with the Digital Edition costing $100 less at $499. This is still more reasonable than the earlier price leaked by Play-Asia but at the same it isn’t exactly affordable either. We’ll have a look at this once the next-gen GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD launch in October and the official prices are unveiled as well.


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