Sony PS5 Digital Edition May be Priced at $399 in view of the Xbox Series S Launch

After the official launch of the Microsoft Xbox Series S for just $299, certain sources claim that Sony has revised the pricing of its next-gen console. As per Gamereactor, the Digital Edition of the PS5 will be priced at $399 while the Standard Edition will cost the same as the XSX at $499.

Both the Xbox Series S and X will launch on the 10th of November. In terms of features, there seems to be a parity between the two. Not surprising considering that both consoles leverage the same RDNA 2 GPU architecture and the DX12_2 API (DX12 Ultimate). With the Series S, you get DXR (ray-tracing), VRS (Variable Rate Shading), DirectStorage (NVIDIA RT IO equivalent) for super-fast load times, 4K upscaling, and streaming, and an All-Digital platform.

Release dateNov 202010th Nov 202010th Nov 2020
Processor8 Zen 2 Cores @ 3.5GHz (variable)8 Zen 2 cores @ 3.8GHz (3.6GHz with SMT)8 Zen 2 cores @ 3.6GHz (3.4GHz with SMT)
GPU36 CUs up to 2.23GHz (variable)52 CUs @ 1.825GHz20 CUs @ 1.5GHz
Memory Bandwidth448GB/s10GB @ 560 GB/s, 6GB @ 336 GB/s10GB @ 560GB/s, 8 GB @ 224 GB/s, 2 GB @ 56 GB/s
Storage825GB SSD1TB custom NVMe SSD500GB NVMe SSD
I/O5.5GB/s2.4 GB/s (uncompressed)2.4 GB/s (uncompressed)

The Series S packs just 20CU which is almost the same as the Radeon RX 5500 XT, a 1080p capable graphics card. The CPU has the same octal-core Zen 2 with mobile cache hierarchy, but with as already predicted, lower operating clocks: 3.6GHz vs 3.8GHz on the Series X. As for the GPU clocks, the clocks are lower as well at 1.565GHz. While the Series X packs a 1TB SSD, the Series S gets half as much at 512GB. Basically, with the Series S, you’re mostly getting everything halved on the GPU side and storage, with the CPU and memory largely unchanged.


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