Sony PS5 Console Reportedly Hacked to Support Mining @ 99MH/s [Update: Fake]

It appears that some enterprising Chinese enthusiasts have managed to hack Sony’s PS5 console to run an Ether mining algorithm on it using NBMiner_36.1. The most interesting part is that the GPU on the console managed a rather unbelievable 98.76MH/s which is exactly why it’s likely fake.

Update: The QR says 娱乐而已并没有此软件哈哈哈 which translates to “There is no such software for entertainment hahaha”.


AMD’s Big Navi graphics card, namely the Radeon RX 6900 XT barely manages to hit 60MH/s in daggerhashimoto, so I find it difficult to believe that the PS5 which sports a much weaker GPU, and no Infinity Cache is able to beat it in Ether mining by such a margin. The PS5 supposedly drew 211W while mining at 98MH/s which makes it possible that the GPU was overclocked. However, no amount of overclocking should increase the hash rate by such a margin.

The second red flag pertains to the source itself. There are multiple blogs citing the same image (by @RacingSense), but there aren’t any links pointing to the source of the image which appears to be from one of the popular Chinese Forums.


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