Sony Ends Production of Multiple PS4 Variants: Stocks Almost Out in Some Regions

According to a Japanese retailer, Sony has ended the production of certain PS4 models, most notably the original PS4 that launched in 2013 as well as a PS4 Pro variant. This info was reported by a Twitter user, “Cheesemeister” who was informed by a retailer that stocks for the following products won’t be replenished once they are out:

  • PS4 500GB Glacier White
  • PS4 1TB Jet Black
  • PS4 1TB Glacier White
  • PS4 Pro 2TB Jet Black (Japan exclusive)
  • PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White

However, not all PS4 models will be discontinued. The PS4 Slim will continue to be produced and only the Glacial White 1TB variant will be discontinued from the Pro lineup (and the Japan-exclusive 2TB version).

It’s mostly the bulkier versions of the base PS4 console that are being phased out, with the PS4 Slim expected to stay around for at least another two years. Sony has promised to release games for both the PS4 and PS5 thru 2023.


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