Shipping and Production of the PS5 Comes to a Halt for the Year

According to a report from News 9 (Australia), the production and shipping of Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 have come to a stop for the year 2020. Most retailers are stating that they’ve already received the last shipment for the console this year (and they’re already out), and gamers wanting to buy one will have to wait till 2021.

Meanwhile, analyst Mat Piscatella has aptly Tweeted that you’re more likely to see a Bigfoot than a PS5 or Xbox Series X on retail for the remainder of 2020.

COVID, along with unprecedented demand for the new consoles are being blamed for the shortages. Limited staffing has slowed down the assembly and manufacture of the devices, and the reduction in international flights means fewer shipping runs.

Moreover, as both MS and Sony have stated, this was the largest console launch for both companies, and the demand vastly outpaced the supply. Therefore, those of you expecting a PS5 or XSX as a Christmas present should keep your expectations in check.


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