Shipments of NVIDIA RTX 30 Series GPUs w/ Limited Hash Rates to AIBs Begin

NVIDIA has started the shipments of its new RTX 30 series GPUs to board partners with enhanced Ether mining hash rate limiters this week. The driver for these new SKUs has already been released a while back and can be downloaded from NVIDIA’s official website. You might be wondering whether it’ll be possible for the average consumer to differentiate between the older and newer dies which limit the hash rate without having a look at the specs in GPU-Z. The answer is yes.

Igor from Igor’s Lab made some inquiries and turns out that the job of distinguishing the newer SKUs has been passed down to the board partners. The newer models will come with a new prefix such as “Limited Edition”, “Gaming Edition”, “V2”, or even stickers like “No Hash, No Cash”, allowing the average consumer to distinguish the newer SKUs from the vanilla dies.

This decision has been primarily taken to avoid any unnecessary lawsuits as well as drive some positive PR for the company which is the reason the limiter actually exists in the first place. However, there won’t be any new launches and the newer 30-series GPUs will simply be replacing their existing counterparts. The labeling will vary from AIB to AIB which is kind of counterproductive. An official naming scheme from NVIDIA would have made the entire thing so much more convenient.


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